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Dear plaything-to-be,
Allow Me to invite you into My Universe where you'll discover more about yourself, desires & limitations beyond society's norm.  

My name is Caittrin Lee, a Petite Asian Domme who adores genuine power exchange connection. An avid jet-setter, I enjoy having brunch with other fellow Dominatrices, upgrading My skills through kink workshops and attend rope events or fetish conventions. Of course, exploring cities, cultures and food with My well-developed palate.

If My schedule permits, I would love to be served by genuine submissive playthings all over United States of America. Boundaries, hygiene, safety and consent are respected. Discretion is paramount. Pain or leaving marks is not compulsory, it's a choice.

Let's see where O/our journey takes U/s to. I'll be waiting for your servitude, from the heart.

Caittrin L.
(your Mistress-to-be)


Born and raised in Asia's cosmopolitan city, Singapore, being well-read, multi-talented and a visionary leader is of much value in this ever-changing global world of O/ours. My philosophy in life: Inclusive yet decisive, intuitive yet rational, nurturing yet assertive & driven yet fair.

From mixed Asian descent, do not always assume I have an East Asian facial feature. Admire My sunkissed olive skin with no tattoo or enhancement. Again and again, be mesmerised by My alluring natural deep double eyelids gazing at you with a sweet deceiving smile. Worshipping My divine US 4 high arch feet if you've earned My trust. Being petite, more reason for you to be kneeling and crawling in My presence.

Previously featured in Domme Addiction (Global), Fetish Matters (Germany), Talking Matriarchy (Romania) and Singapore's NTUniversity Journalism Publication. Be part of My 11.9k followers on Twitter.
My kink interests differ from day to day depending on what I am in the mood for, who I am playing with and as long it doesn't cross O/our boundaries. I do not provide a service. I offer you the opportunity to serve an AlphaFemme.

* This is a non-exhaustive list and I may also have other satisfactions & desires as well which are not stated below.

My Satisfactions:

| Worship Me
  (Feet, Legs, Heels, Boots, Gloves, Stockings
| Fetish Fashion
  (Latex, Leather, PU, Nylons & etc)
| Non-scripted Role Play
| Co-Domination with My Domme Comrades
| Genuine Power Exchange Connection
| Receiving service submission via vanilla tasks
| Social dates with discreet public play
  (Cafe, Museum, Concert Hall, Shopping, Gala & etc)


My Desires to Toy with you:

| Orgasm Control
  (Tease/Denial, Ruined, Post-Torture, Onahole & etc)
| Restraints (Shibari, Cuffs)
| Sensory Play
  (Deprivation, Overload, Temperature, Blindfolds, Tickle, Breath Control, HOM, Gag, Clothed Facesitting, Ear Plugs, Hypnosis & etc)
| Anal Play
  (Training, Pegging with strap-on, Butt Plug, Fisting)
| Cock & Ball Torture
  (Chastity, Humbler, Ball Busting & etc)
| Corporal Punishments
  (Military Exercises, Judicial Caning, OTK Spanking, Flogging & etc)
| Discipline & Obedience Training
| Humiliation & Degradation
 (SPH, Pet Play, Golden Shower, Spitting, Slapping)
| Medical Play
(Sounding, Electrics, Enema, Wartenberg Wheel, Prostate Exam)
| Nipples Play (Torture/Sensual)
| Sissyfication & Consensual Forced Bi

In terms of boundaries :

​My style of domination does not involve sexual activities, intercourse or any unlawful acts. I do not partake in activities involving scripts, heavy medical play, animals, minors, brown/ruby showers, switching/subbing or allow you to worship any part of body that is typically covered by a bikini. Touching, licking or kissing without My consent is sexual assault.


My favourite food/drinks:
| Asian, especially mala tang | Italian Cuisine |
| All-Day Breakfast |
Warm Still Water |
| Shiraz | Black & Green Tea |

I wear:
| US 2 (Dress) | 30B (Lingerie) | US 4 (Shoes) |
Boots and Heels (No slingbacks)

My favourite venues/activities:
| History Museums | Concert Halls (Orchestra/Opera) |
| Indoor Rock Climbing | Shopping | Afternoon Tea |

SW Organisation that I support:
Red Canary Song


Investment Tributes

Incite : 2 hours of Servitude
USD 1200

Adore: 3 hours of Servitude
USD 1500

Extended Servitude + Social
For acquainted playthings only, rates enquire within

*Incalls only. All servitude connection are non-negotiable regardless of kink interests and requires non-refundable deposit to secure My schedule. Investment rate listed exclude supplementary costs (Eg. Meals, event entrance fees, shopping & etc)


Every rendezvous is curated and each encounter is unique. If you believe W/we have potential chemistry, I look forward to your introduction. Kindly follow the guidelines. Only polite & properly introduced emails will be responded.

| Name & Age
| Medical Conditions, for your safety
| References (If any: Active Dominatrices, else state your LinkedIn URL for verification )
| Which city and date you wish to serve Me. Include your preferred time slot: Early Morning / Late Afternoon / Evening
| State your kinks and limits. Why do you want to serve Me?

Send your introduction to: (

* Kindly check your spam folder in case the pigeon gets lost. There will be a short video call to see if W/we're compatible
before you place the non-refundable deposit.
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