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Just as the Omakase experience embodies the sentiment of "I leave it to you," I invite you to embark on this journey of relinquishing control and placing your trust in Me as long it does not cross your boundaries. Adopting the right etiquette is crucial to ensure O/our D/s connection flourish.

For potential plaything-to-be,
I require you to introduce yourself via My proposal form in formal English language and sentences (To the best of your knowledge with translator if it's not your native). This allows Me to not missed out on any information I need to know from you. Rendezvous requests should be made in advance. I will not entertain requests with 12-hour notice or less as I need time for a pre-call and screening.

I expect references or other forms of verification, especially if this is your first time meeting a Professional Dominatrix. If you have stated the Domme(s) you served previously as a reference, ensure you have their permission.


For established playthings,

I would like to know if there are any changes to your discovery of kinks, boundaries, and health conditions. Kindly connect through O/our established platforms to discuss.


Rules of Indulgence

Prioritise personal hygiene to show respect for yourself and others. Present yourself in a clean, well-groomed manner and be truthful with your medical condition(s) as it reflects your commitment to self-care. Shower space must/will be available behind closed doors. Likewise, My toys and equipment will come with barriers and are medically-grade sanitised before and after use.

Discretion goes both ways. No marks will be on you unless you explicitly allow it. Strictly no photography and videography are allowed without both consents.

Consent is paramount and approach with a deep sense of respect similar to your stakeholders. I do not engage in activities involving scripts, heavy medical play, hardsports kinks, or anything illegal, and strictly no sexual penetration on Me.

I may be highly intuitive but I am not a mind reader. Express your goals, aspirations, and any challenges you may be facing.

Put devices away on silent mode to avoid disruptions when W/we are together. If you are unable to be punctual due to certain reasons, kindly inform Me in advance as a form of courtesy. Rescheduling is possible but cancellations come with a full penalty.

Engaging in BDSM activities can be mentally, physically, and emotionally demanding. Take care of yourself as these factors may impact U/us.


Embrace a growth mindset and demonstrate a genuine eagerness to learn and grow. I have a soft spot for novices, and I’ll be excited to guide you through. For experienced kinksters, do not assume I am the same as other Dominatrices you've served previously.

If you have another session in the days leading up to O/ours, do let Me know so I can be aware of any damage to you (for example, cane marks). If you are drugged or heavily intoxicated with alcohol, you will be refused a rendezvous with Me without a refund and may be blacklisted.

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