Your First Contact | How to Communicate with Me

This is My first time to meet a Professional Dominatrix. How do I prepare?

Be a literate, self-aware and respectful individual. I've written a novice manual here. Learn what satisfy Me here.



Where are you based at and which city do you travel to?

I am mainly based in My hometown - Asia’s cosmopolitan city, Singapore. I travel solely for kink and My favourite cities are Hong Kong and Melbourne. Other cities are Jakarta, London, Berlin, Los Angeles and more. If you're lucky, you will be able to serve Me in a private servitude session. Subscribe to My Newsletter (below) to receive travel updates. Priority to serve will be given to those in My virtual stable.

Can W/we chat?


I value My time and energy, and will only chat with you if you value Mine too. Sign up to be a member of My virtual stable to connect with Me. Alternatively, if you're in Singapore, schedule a social date with Me.


Why don't you reveal your face? Is it because you're unattractive?

I value My privacy and your confidentiality. I do not want to jeopardise O/our meet due to external factors (Eg. Authorities, Hotel Staffs or your colleagues/partners/friends). You'll be surprised that people are able to recognise Me based on My unique dressing even without looking at My face.


Beauty is subjective. I came from a mixed Asian descent and do not have the typical East Asian look but I'm sure you'll be mesmerised by My alluring natural deep double eyelids and sweet deceiving smile.


Preferred Language

Growing up in Asia's cosmopolitan city, Singapore, British English is My native language and My preferred language of communication. However, I am also a polyglot but will only use it depending on the context and situation.


I expect full sentences and correct grammar from you (To the best of your knowledge if English is not your native language). Use an online translator if you require assistance.


I detest the word 'Client' as I'm not providing a service. I offer selected individuals the opportunity to serve a Lady.


Mannerism towards Me


Be polite. Incomplete submission of application, begging and desperation will be ignored. You will have the chance to serve Me if I feel a potential connection with you.


I'm a Lady - A human being and not an object. Respect Me, including My body. Same goes to you do not objectify your female co-workers in corporate office or professors in a university. Your tone, behaviour and choice of words should be the same in a professional setting. What makes Me any different than your Lady boss or female professor other than the fact that I'm just kinkier?


When sending your application to serve Me, imagine sending your resume for a job application. Make an effort to write something constructive and substantial for you to be selected.



Respect My Time


I am in charge of all My platforms and communication channels and hence, kindly exercise patience. Emails will be replied within 48 hours. My life does not only revolves around kink and My time is not devoted to only you.


Email is the best way to communicate with Me as it is connected to all of My tech devices. A non-refundable deposit is required to secure a reservation to show you’re committed to meet Me. An apology fee is required if you decided to cancel O/our scheduled rendezvous. When you finally have the chance to meet Me, do not be late.



Do you accept Personal slave?


I receive plenty of requests from unknown strangers asking Me to own them when I don't even know who is he/she, to begin with. The only way to be My personal slave is to work your way up via My virtual stable and hopefully, I may notice you. I value the emotional, physical and spiritual connection between U/us. You should at least have the financial stability to serve Me in a functional manner. My time and energy is precious and I will only allow selective playthings to be truly Mine.

For more FAQ and to learn more about Me, the best way is to do so is in My virtual stable here.

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