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Good things in life require care, maintenance and knowledge. Life isn’t filled with only materialistic goods. Pick your choice to invest in My way of life or read this page to know more about Me as an individual. This will be invaluable in your quest to please Me. If your memory is poor, keep notes.

Create a lasting impression and stand out from the crowd. Send virtual gift or present to Me in real-life based on My preferences. Alternatively, schedule a social date with Me if you enjoy what I do too!


I describe Myself as an outgoing introvert and sapiophile. I adore going for events making friends with strangers, public speaking or can even be your gala date. (Having intellectual vanilla conversation is My kink too!) It can be about fintech, cybersecurity, artificial intellgence, real estate, economics, arts, fashion and history to name a few.


Taking care of My body, mind and soul is essential. I live by the traditional Asian culture surviving on herbal soup, chicken essence and ethical bird's nest (Hint: Consumable gifts). I keep Myself active with leisure horse riding, indoor rock climbing, trekking & hiking. (I'm not a gym junkie, unfortunately)

I can also be found reading non-fiction books in the library, watching documentaries and flipping physical Financial Times. Also, occasional trips to history museums or performances especially orchestra and opera.



I may be mean as a Dominatrix but not unreasonable. The world out there is much cruel outside of this enclosed space. Help those who can’t help themselves to earn My respect and gratitude. Here are My favourite local organisations:



A self-proclaimed foodie with well-developed palate. Definitely open to explore other cuisines especially when I travel. I prefer casual dining over fine dining.


I indulge in wholesome food, savoury weekday afternoon tea and all-day breakfast menu. Some of My favourite cuisines are Indonesian especially rawon and ayam penyet. Chinese foods (Big NO for intestines, frog and duck which means no foie gras too), Japanese (Especially salmon & tuna) and Italian (Preferably tomato base).


Warm still water works best for Me. I generally enjoy black, white and green tea. For alcoholic drinks, it is to only pair with My meals or tapas - Shiraz, Lagers, IPA and Whiskey.


I do not consume steak, fizzy drinks (Including sparkling water) and spicy food except for mala peppercorns.


If you're travelling to Singapore,  allow Me to introduce you to our hawker culture, listed in UNESCO heritage list. Oh, how about trying king of fruits, durians too?



The way one dress resonates with their personality. Kink is also an avenue for Me to flaunt My personal dressing style without judgements in the vanilla world. 



As a Petite Asian, it is difficult to purchase off the rack and hence, the majority of My clothing is bespoke. If you would like to purchase gifts from retail stores and contribute to My wardrobe, My sizing are:


Clothing  |  UK4/6 (Depending on the cut)

Bra Size  |  30B

Shoes  |  EU 34/35 (Depending on the cut)

 * I do not wear flats, slingback heels & sneakers



These are My favourite fashion designers that are in line with My aesthetics - Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang, Ann Demeulemeester, Maison Margiela, Rick Owens, Saint Laurent, Valentino & Vivienne Westwood.



Here are some ways to send clothing gift vouchers and please Me:

| Bespoke Fetish Clothing (Axtrya)

| Bespoke Latex (Westward Bound)


*Kindly refer to the email address of O/our correspondence to deliver the virtual gift voucher.

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