Invest & Indulge in Me


Good things in life requires care, maintenance and knowledge. Life isn’t filled with only materialistic goods. Pick your choice to invest in My way of life or read this page to know more about Me as an individual. This will be invaluable in your quest to please Me. If your memory is poor, keep notes.



My Measurements

Clothing  |  UK 6

Bra Size  |  30B

Shoes  |  EU 35




I read self-development, social sciences and various discipline of art books.   I occasionally visit Coursera or Lynda to pick up new skills during My free time and you can contribute to My education by funding it.



Health & Fitness


Taking care of My body, mind and soul is essential. I live by the traditional Asian culture surviving on chicken essence and herbal soup. I love running on tracks, bouldering and badminton as a sport to keep Myself active.




Mistress can be mean but not unreasonable. The world out there is much cruel outside of this enclosed space. Help those who can’t help themselves to earn My respect and gratitude. Here are My favourite local organisations:



Women Rights | Project X

Cats Dogs  |  Bunnies


Hong Kong

Lok Hong Social Service Association



AIFA  |  Cancer Council


Food & Drink Preferences


I love wholesome food and savoury afternoon high-tea (Only on Weekdays). Chinese cuisine (Big NO for intestines, duck, frog), Japanese cuisine (Especially salmon & tuna) and Italian cuisine (Preferably tomato base).


Mineral water works best for Me. I generally love black and green tea. For alcoholic drinks to pair with My meals or tapas - Shiraz, Moscato, Malt beer, IPA and Whiskey.


Feel free to take Me out for a meal. I do not consume steak, soft drinks and spicy food except mala peppercorns. As a Singaporean, I'm a big foodie and am open to explore other cuisines. Fine dining isn't My kind of thing.



My Wardrobe


Contribute to My exquisite collection filled with lace, latex and leather.


Pick something that is meaningful to you too. Eg. Certain fetishes that relate a lot to you and gives your great honour when I use it as compared to blindly buying gifts for Me without any of your attachment to it.


Present the gifts to Me personally or if you’re not based in where I am, gift cards should be sent to


Blank mind and not sure whether your choice suits My aesthetics? Gift Me - Designers, bespoke and artisans items are highly encouraged as I believe in creativity and hardwork.


- - - - -

The way one dress resonates with their personality and style. The following are My favourite brands to wear frequently:


Westward Bound & Atsuko Kudo



Creepyyeha & Fleet Ilya






Steve Madden & Tony Bianco


- - - - -


These are My favourite designers that are in line with My aesthetics -


Alexandar McQueen, Alexander Wang, Ann Demeulemeester, Maison Margiela, Rick Owens, Saint Laurent, Valentino & Vivienne Westwood



Are you ready to serve Me?


Does your interests and kinks align with Mine? Or does it inspire you to serve Me because of how I lead My life? If you believe W/we have potential chemistry, I look forward to your servitude.


Most of My time is spent in My cosmopolitan hometown in Asia, Singapore. If you're fortunate enough, you will have the chance to serve Me at My convenience when I'm visiting your city.


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