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Logo Design - Sex Work Pride Day 2020

Collaboration with Project X (Singapore)

In celebration of Sex Worker Pride, Project X is proud to announce the sales launch of our reusable fabric face mask designed by our very own local (Dominatrix) sex worker! PX Pride Mask is solidarity made visible.

Sex Worker Pride celebrates sex workers’ self-determination, enhances their visibility, and shows the achievements of sex worker-led organizations.

"The design was inspired by the red umbrella that is presently used as a symbol of the sex workers' rights movement worldwide. Red is the colour of love and an umbrella symbolises protection, which is still required even in Singapore." - Caittrin

Order here from Project X Singapore


Featured Interview - Mistress Caittrin

Hosted by Domme Addiction, slave boy (Global)

Joining me today, all the way from Singapore, is the very beautiful and sensual Mistress Caittrin. Mistress, it is such a pleasure to connect with you and welcome to DA!

Mistress Caittrin: Greetings slave boy. Glad to connect with you too from the other side of the globe.

sbs: Although we are separated by distance, I respectfully kneel before you as I ask my first question. Let me begin by asking how you came to become a Femdom Mistress, and can you share a little about your experiences along the way?  Read more >


Talking Matriarchy with Mistress Caittrin Lee

Hosted by Mistress Ezada Sinn (Romania)

For the 8th episode of "Talking Matriarchy," I decided to talk about the ideal age of the male in Female Led Relationships. Today's guest is Mistress Caittrin Lee from Singapore.


The Kink Diaries

Hosted by Just Say Only by Cassie (Singapore)

This episode I chat with Professional Dominatrix Mistress Caittrin as we explore the world of BDSM, kink, and what it is that draws people to it.Definitely a must listen if you've always wanted to learn more about what inspired the whole 50 Shades of Grey bullcrap that we all love to hate.

Part One  |  Part Two


Talking to Mistress Caittrin Lee about Female Led Relationship!

Hosted by Amalie Von Stein (Germany)

This is a interview with Mistress Caittrin Lee from Singapore. International BDSM Dominatrix & Lifestyle Asian FemDomme. We are talking about the subject Female Led Relationship, tune in and listen to this most interesting topic and Mistress Caittrin Lee's views to it.


Human Library - Labour Day Special LIVE

Hosted by Project X & Aral Sea Productions (Singapore & United Kingdom)

Human books are uniquely portable magic. The best way to educate the mind is to not stop asking questions and understanding the human race. Caittrin shares about legality issues & how the pandemic affected sex workers globally.

Watch here >

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