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An International Dominatrix & Erotic Executive Coach who adores authentic power exchange dynamics. Also, a Discipline Mistress for those who seek behaviour correction. Mainly based in Asia's cosmopolitan city, Singapore, and tours worldwide to major cities (Melbourne, Hong Kong, Toronto, Munich, Geneva & beyond).
Previously featured in Domme Addiction (Global), Fetish Matters (Germany), NTUniversity Journalism Publication (Singapore) & more. I write about Kink, Female Domination (Femdom) & host workshops/podcast about BDSM & sexuality. A certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Coach & Hypnosis practitioner by The American Board of Hypnotherapy.
Allow Me to invite you into My Universe where you'll discover more about yourself, desires & limitations beyond society's norm. Perhaps, healing yourself through BDSM. I welcome respectful novices & experienced solo playthings and of course, couples. Let's see where O/our journey takes U/s to...

Caittrin Lee
Risk Aware Consensual Kink -
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Asian Mistress Caittrin x Lace Corset x Leather Gloves x Thigh High Boots


Being at the top feels lonely for you or is this your first time meeting a Dominatrix? 

At times, you’re tired to keep up with your powerful presence in your daily life. Deep inside, you’re aching to relinquish your facade and let Her take over your decisions.
Leave the world behind you and cherish the time with your Muse.

* Confidentiality, discretion and cybersecurity are paramount. Boundaries, hygiene, safety and consent are always respected. Pain or leaving marks is not compulsory, it's a choice.

What are the fetishes and kinks that surrounds Female Domination?
Differences between Professional & Lifestyle Domme. For novices, it may seem overwhelming with all these jargons.
Certain habits in life may lead to concentration issue or communication breakdown. Perhaps, getting rid of non-consensual voyeur addiction.

Begin your journey to heal yourself, ask for advice or perhaps, would like to explore BDSM as a couple?

Dive into Caittrin's thoughts & adventures: Virtual Diary
Escape from reality with erotica submissions
Articles: How to approach a ProDomme, read about sexuality & more...
Defining BDSM and the ethics that surround it. Kink is not only limited to Femdom. Gain insight into theories and learn about this realm.
Attend skillshare events. Listen to the podcast: Globetrotting with Caittrin

Miles away from where I am or you're not ready to surrender to Me in real life?
Be a private member of My Virtual Stable. Gain exclusive access to dive deeper into My lifestyle.
Shower Me with gifts, earn your way up through completing slave tasks, BDSM training courses,...
“Poised and petite demeanour, young but mature Mistress Caittrin. i will always remember O/our moments together on how You changed my life for the better.” 
- Plaything A
Collaboration with Project X, Interview with Domme Addiction (Global), Fetish Matters (Germany), Talking Matriarchy (Romania),...
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At times, you are tired to keep up with your powerful presence in your daily life. Deep inside, you are aching to relinquish your facade and let Her take over your decisions. Begin your chance to devote to International Singaporean Mistress Caittrin Lee. Seek a different satisfaction in your life with the guidance a well-read, poised and petite sunkissed Asian Dominatrix from Asia's cosmopolitan city, Singapore. Femdom online presence includes Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube. Subscribe to exclusive members-only platform - AVN Stars.

Are you a submissive man inside that is forced to put on a facade and lead due to your personal family life or career? Executive Coach - No matter your position is in the corporate world, LinkedIn, - Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Finance Officer (CFO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Information Office (CIO) a director or manager in a department. No longer you will be lonely at the top under sophisticated & beautiful high arch feet of a Modern-Day Renaissance Muse's alternative universe. Featured in Domme Addiction.

Bondage Discipline Sado-Masochism (BDSM) philosophy of Safe, Sane, Consensual (SSC) and Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK) applies at all times. Discretion, safety and hygiene are paramount. Caittrin is an independent Professional BDSM Mistress and can be found in Open Adult Directory - Mistress Advisor. Caittrin Lee can be found Hogspy jet setting in FemDomme Fly-Me-to-you (FMTY) Tryst rendezvous with established playthings worldwide.

Alternatively, Mistress Caittrin can be seen touring in cities while having escapade to fetish events and kink conventions. Dominatrix Asia - Hong Kong, Tokyo, Jakarta. A part of BDSM community in Australia attending social munches, shibari workshops and play parties in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney during Spring and Autumn season.

Dickie Virgin admirers, begin your connection by double domination with Canadian Mistress Evangeline Ducharme. Worship a Heavenly Dominant and skilled Goddess in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal. Have you been in a state of euphoria or subspace? Indulge in Female Domination - Dommes Nation.

Explore playtime - Paddles, whips, whipping, bastinado, caning, bondage, tie and tease, feet fetish, temperature sensation- wax, ice. Devote-  Domina Guide you through obedience slave training, genuine power exchange and orgasm control, denial, pegging, sensory deprivation.  If you prefer to indulge in a Domme Lifestyle via a domestic setting instead of a dungeon, Mistress Caittrin will get along well with you. All My Links