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Dear plaything-to-be,


Singapore, Australia, Schweiz & internationally pursued

Welcome to My universe.


As an empath, I'm passionate about curating a safe, holistic and nurturing space for individuals like you to defy societal expectations. Let's embrace vulnerability and indulge in self-expression through desires and fears.

Respecting BDSM's philosophy of safe, sane, and consensual (SSC) and Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK). Pain or leaving marks is never compulsory—it is a choice.


My ideal plaything adores extended intimate human connection, physical sensual touch and fostering a sense of emotional intelligence. Through consensual power exchange, allow Me to relinquish control of your daily life and gain liberation by embracing your inner self.

I split My time between Singapore, Australia, Schweiz and travel by invitation. It makes Me wonder, how deep will O/our journey take U/us? I look forward to showing you how to worship Me...


Caittrin L.

(your Mistress-to-be)

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Be on My Radar

Due to social media's strict content policy, receive curated emails about My Universe, schedule based on your city, early access to My photoshoots, and more...

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Featured Blog Posts

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Luxury and Leisure: A Domme’s Bali Getaway

Solo travelers are accustomed to self-sufficiency, but for this trip, I decided to let go and have someone accompany Me. My toy became more than just a helper; he became My travel companion. It was intriguing to note the contrast as I flew in comfort on My national carrier (As always) while My toy took…


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Diary: Lifestyle Dominatrix Anniversary in Perth

In the heart of Perth’s unhurried grace, I find Myself reflecting on how swiftly time dances by. This month marks a remarkable milestone – My 6th year anniversary living as lifestyle Domme publicly. I learned more than I expected after a decade privately prior to this. It’s a journey that has been deeply enriching and…



BDSM Guide


Woman who physically or psychologically dominates Her partner in a sadomasochistic encounter.” – Merriam Webster. However, many non-binary, gender-queer people or woman-aligned folks identify as Dominatrices as well. FemDom refers to Female Domination. Is there a difference between a Professional & Lifestyle Dominatrix?

| Read more >


Those who are new to the BDSM community, Fetish and Femdom scene may be unfamiliar with the terminology used. Refer to  list for those interested in expanding their knowledge of common terms used. 



Propose to Worship

My ultimate aim is to foster a positive, safe, and nurturing environment for you to thrive. Do note I am selective about whom I allow into My universe to purposefully allocate My energy.


Hence, My choices are influenced by My genuine curiosity about your individuality, your motivations for serving Me, and alignment for O/our aspirations.

I am often being served by playthings who are of high prominence in society and hence, an ultra-discretion mode and confidentiality are always on (One of the reasons why I hide My face online). No photography and videography are allowed without explicit permission.

I look forward to you introducing yourself formally for the first time via My ‘Proposal Form’ below. Remember to check your spam inbox in case it got shot down by the filter bot. 

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Expression of Indulgence

For the time-strapped plaything-to-be,

I understand that you can't fully commit due to your vanilla life, hence this opportunity is for you. Take a break from your high-performing routine and surrender yourself to Me. Begin your journey of self-discovery in a sanctuary of freedom. Explore various possibilities including social dates, play-by-the-hour, evening affairs, overnight or perhaps, as your business travel companion. I am passport ready, 194 countries visa-free. Indulgence rates are similar in all cities depending on FX.

- D/s rendezvous starts from CHF300/SGD450/AUD500. Enquire Within -

For the fully committed plaything-to-be,

Experience the privilege of becoming part of My lifestyle. This opportunity is available worldwide for individuals who genuinely embrace power exchange and understand the significance of enhancing My life consistently. Devote yourself to Me with private communication, training, tasks, service servitude, and beyond. Do note that I do not share and you will be serving Me only unless with exception permission. Limited slots.

- Enquire within and state your proposed servitude -

Proposal Form

Submitted! Kindly check your junk inbox. Only respectful applicants will be responded to. Remember to read the etiquette page again. Join My Loyalfans Club to get into My good books. 

Main Propose

For Media & Event Organisers,

Mistress Caittrin Lee is a Lifestyle Domme and independent Professional Dominatrix who embraces divine femininity. She adores authentic connections built on consensual power exchange and mindfulness servitude.


As a BDSM educator, Mistress Caittrin has presented several workshops such as at the annual OZ Kink Fest in Melbourne, a nationwide Australia alternative lifestyle event, and Femdom Appreciation Day in Hong Kong. Previously, she co-led a non-profit Kink education community and organised social munches in Asia, Singapore.

Her core practice revolves around psychology, energy and bodywork. A certified American Board Hypno-Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) coach. She is also a trained Sex Work therapist by the European Sex Workers' Rights Alliance.

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Mistress Caittrin was privileged to be the first to represent Singapore in the inaugural Femdom Gala in Athens and rope bondage performance with other Asian Mistresses during the annual Femdom Ball in London. She was also nominated in two categories - Best Dominatrix and Fetish Blog in the UK Fetish Awards.

Her dream is to create a sense of belonging in the cities She is often in by establishing studios, building kink communities and connecting with Domme comrades, supported by Her playthings.


Ultimately, Mistress Caittrin is passionate about empowering individuals to be in tune with themselves internally and educating vanilla folks on how practising BDSM (Bondage & Discipline/Domination & submission/Sadism & Masochism) is more than just spanking (impact play) and choking (asphyxiation).

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Melbourne, Zurich, Hong Kong, and beyond
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