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Dear you,

My name is Caittrin. Allow Me to invite you into My universe of D/s lifestyle. This is where I gracefully embrace My divine feminine energy and empathy for human connection. I have also found a place where I thrive involving My sexuality — The realm of Female Domination.

The intimacy of genuine power exchange, mindfulness servitude and behavioural correction are My core practices. Pain or leaving marks is never compulsory—it is a choice. I play by BDSM's philosophy of safe, sane, and consensual (SSC) and Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK).


My ultimate dream is to create a sense of belonging in the cities I am often in, supported by My playthings, by establishing studios and building kink communities. My knowledge of psychology and bodywork as a kink-allied coach unlocks the chance to guide My playthings holistically.

By opening up a safe space for you to indulge in self-expression and defying societal norms, I look forward to knowing more about you regardless of your experience level, ethnicity, or gender identity.


Caittrin L.

(your Mistress-to-be)

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As an offspring of Singapore's cosmopolitan city, I stand as the connective thread between Western influence and Asian heritage.

Despite the expectations for Women in Asia, I defied the odds and seized opportunities to assume leadership roles since My formal education years.

I unintentionally dipped My toes into the world of Female Domination over a decade ago. Within the realm of My previous partners, it involves unspoken power dynamics where I find Myself in a position of control or unconventional sexual encounters.

I realised that what seemed normal to Me was actually part of this advanced world of intimacy. With the realisation of how well FemDom suits Me, I then decided to challenge Myself by learning how much more there is out here in the world of Professional Dominatrices.

Beyond domination, I coach couples or aspiring Dommes and give back to the community as co-leader for a non-profit BDSM education group in Asia, Singapore. Also, a sex worker-friendly, LGBTQ+ & trauma-informed therapist. I've also facilitated workshops for kink communities all over the world such as in Hong Kong and Australia.

caittrin lee x sensual lingerie bralet nylon stockings.jpg
caittrin lee x high heels leather boots x wool blazer.jpg


Having lived and journeyed extensively around the world, I am a food enthusiast with a well-developed palate. An arts major graduate and an aspiring polyglot with a wide array of interests, including cybersecurity, economics, real estate, politics, and beyond.

Embrace My sun-kissed complexion reflecting My Austronesian heritage and mesmerising natural double eyelids as they gaze upon

With a hint of old-school charm — I am drug-free and do not smoke. I do not have tattoos, enhancements, or other piercings, save for a delicate pair of earrings.

Gifts are cherished but not anticipated. Should
you desire to, the following are My measurements —

Bra Size: 30B
Bottoms: XS
Dress: UK 4

Shoes: EU 35



The intimacy of genuine power exchange, mindfulness servitude and behavioural correction are My core practices. Pain or leaving marks is never compulsory—it is a choice. I play by BDSM's philosophy of safe, sane, and consensual (SSC) and Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK).

My Philosophy:
Inclusive yet decisive,
Intuitive yet rational,
Nurturing yet assertive &
Driven yet fair.

As for My style of play, I do not adhere to a specific template, as it dynamically evolves depending on the individuals I am engaged with and My prevailing mood for the day.

Beyond the erotic beauty of bondage, it is a way for Me to add sensuality where W/we can connect in a deeper level of intimacy. I take every opportunity during rope jams to practice with various body types.


If the opportunity arises, I wish to extend My journey and learn from a shibari sensei in Japan.

I am First Aid, CPR, and AED trained. I do not indulge in scripts, heavy medical play such as needles, hard sports, or anything illegal, and penetration in Me is not allowed.


Propose to Worship

My ultimate aim is to foster a positive, safe, and nurturing environment for you to thrive. Do note I am selective about whom I allow into My universe to purposefully allocate My energy.


Hence, My choices are influenced by My genuine curiosity about your individuality, your motivations for serving Me, and alignment for O/our aspirations.


Kindly read My website and etiquette in its entirety. Ideally, study My blog, interviews, or social media platforms to learn more about Me.

I am often being served by playthings who are of high prominence in society and hence, an ultra-discretion mode and confidentiality are always on (One of the reasons why I hide My face online). No photography and videography are allowed without explicit permission.


I look forward to you introducing yourself formally for the first time via My ‘Proposal Form’. Remember to check your spam inbox in case it got shot down by the filter bot.

Indulgence Rates

Take a break from your routine and devote yourself to Me. Begin your journey of self-discovery in a sanctuary of freedom. Explore various possibilities including social date, play by the hour,  evening affair, or overnight.

- D/s Rendezvous starts from 350/SGD500. Enquire Within -

Experience the privilege of becoming part of My lifestyle. This opportunity is available for individuals who genuinely embrace power exchange and understand the significance of enhancing My life consistently. Devote yourself to Me with private communication, training, tasks, service servitude, play, trips, and beyond.

- Long-Term D/s Servitude starts from €1400/SGD2000 monthly. Enquire within -

Proposal Form


Submitted! Kindly check your junk inbox. Only respectful applicants will be responded to. Remember to read the etiquette page again. Join My Loyalfans Club to get into My good books. 

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