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Mistress Caittrin


Singapore Dominatrix | Caittrin Lee is an International Professional and Lifestyle BDSM Mistress. Independent and classically trained Femdom. Mainly based in Her hometown, Asia's cosmopolitan city - Singapore. At times, a hedonist living out of a suitcase as She travels to Asia Pacific, Schweiz, Deutschland and beyond.


Caittrin adores authentic connection built on consensual power exchange and mindfulness servitude. She is passionate in guiding Her playthings for a journey of self-discovery and their personal development within a safe space.


She adopts BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission & Sadism and Masochism) philosophy of SSC (Safe, Sane and Consensual) & RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink). Boundaries, consent, safety, hygiene and cybersecurity are paramount. Her toys and equipment are medically grade sanitised. Pain or leaving marks is never compulsory—it is a choice.

Caittrin is First Aid, CPR and AED trained. She is interested in psychology and bodywork to help Her playthings holistically and heal past traumas beyond BDSM. This leads Her to being a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach & Hypnosis practitioner accredited by The American Board of NLP-Hypnotherapy. She also practices Energy Psychotherapy and Time Line Therapy™.

During Her kink spare time, She is a BDSM educator and co-leads a non-profit kink group within Singapore's community. She has been featured in Fetish Matters Interview (Germany), Shades of Love Panel Talk for Freedom Film Fest Singapore, Bondage performance with other Asian Mistresses during the annual London Femdom Ball and more.

She looks forward to connecting with individuals of legal age from all walks of life regardless of status, gender and BDSM experience.


Due to social media's strict content policy, keep updated about My universe as a Singapore Dominatrix via My complimentary e-mail newsletter. I will never spam you. Every newsletter is written and mailed manually by Me, so ensure your details are accurate.



“Never be fooled by the poised and petite demeanour, young but mature Mistress Caittrin. i will always remember O/our moments together on how You changed my life for the better. The hardest thing for me to do that day is to leave. ”



“Always wanted to get tied up with ropes. I decided to give it a try after looking at Mistress Caittrin’s pictures and is a total mindblown experience. She didn't make bondage a boring task. The fun starts when she first holds the ropes and not until she's done with tying you up.”



Born and raised in Asia’s cosmopolitan sunny island city, I’m the perfect bridge between Western and Asian culture with My mixed roots (do note—I do not have East Asian facial features). Having grown up learning about both worlds has made Me a polyglot-in-training from a young age. An arts major graduate, I am also well-read with interests in cybersecurity, economics, real estate and beyond.

With a hint of old-school charm due to My upbringing, I am drug-free and do not smoke. I wear minimal makeup and rarely have a need for cosmetic additions to My body; be they false eyelashes or nails. Admire My natural deep double eyelids gazing at you, and sun-kissed olive skin with no tattoos, enhancements or piercings save for a pair of elegant earrings.


Despite being an outgoing introvert, I am a self-proclaimed foodie with a well-developed palate. Do share with Me your favourite cuisine spots or take Me out to dine. I am often on the road, and good food makes My journeys all the richer. I grew up where chivalry for a Woman is a necessity, and I expect no less from the playthings who wish to serve Me.

caittrin x floorwork.jpg


My Femdom experiences are broad and accumulated over the years - Using them in any way to My advantage to toy with you for My pleasure…


I derive gratification through authentic power exchange and personal connection. I do not have a specific style of play; it all depends on My mood and the person(s) I am playing with. I am neither a robot nor a service top. Some days, I am a sensual boss; some days a strict disciplinarian, or a caring pet owner, or even a comforting therapist.

My forte lies in bondage/shibari floorwork and had spent hours in rope education within the kink community worldwide. My style as a rigger leans towards the connective/tantra/semenawa.

Discretion and confidentiality go two ways; I will always respect yours, and you will respect Mine in return. Boundaries, consent, safety and hygiene are paramount. Pain or leaving marks is never compulsory—it is a choice, and one you may find you enjoy making.


BOUNDARIES | I am a classic Dominatrix and not a fetish escort. Hence, you are not allowed to touch Me unless given instruction. Domination does not involve sexual activities, intercourse or any unlawful acts. I do not partake in activities involving scripts, heavy medical play, animals, minors, brown/ruby showers, switching/subbing or allowing you to worship any part of My body that is typically covered by a bikini.



Dear plaything-to-be,

My time and energy are precious and I will only direct My attention to admirers that are worth building a connection with – on emotional, spiritual and physical levels. I appreciate those who are literate, self-aware, polite and respectful individuals as BDSM involves not only physical but also psychological and emotional aspects.  If you care to impress your sapiophile Mistress...

* Ensure you’ve read My website in its entirety. To dive deeper into My lifestyle, read My virtual diary and follow My social media.

* Be a blank canvas. I have a soft spot for novices, and I’ll be excited to guide you through if you are willing to learn. For experienced ones, do not assume I am the same as other Dominatrices you've served previously.

* All new applications must go through My website contact form for formality. This allows Me to not missed out on any information I need to know from you. Session requests should be made at least in advance. I will not entertain requests with 12-hour notice or less as I need time for a pre-call and checks.

* Screening is mandatory. I expect references or other forms of verification, especially if this is your first time meeting a Professional Dominatrix. If you have stated the Domme(s) you served previously as a reference, ensure you have their permission.

* For those who have served Me before, I would like to know if there are any changes to your discovery of kinks, boundaries and health conditions.


* Session will be at My preferred incall venue. I only accept outcalls to your upscale hotel in Singapore and Fly-Me-to-you request on a case-by-case basis.


* I recommend 2-hours minimum so it allows U/us to have enough time to connect with each other on a deeper level and play especially for first-timers.

* My tribute rates varies on the city in which you're serving Me as it depends on the foreign exchange rate. It is non-negotiable and fixed regardless of your kinks. Kindly enquire within for an accurate quotation.

* I've built My universe where I reward those who worship Me for a longer period and hence, neither do I charge a fixed hourly rate nor aim to see as many people as possible. I enjoy social dates equally to private play. Quality over quantity.


* If your application impresses Me, I will schedule a 15-minutes voice call to begin the process of building a connection - Whether W/we are compatible and allows Me to plan ahead for O/our session.

* Once you've been selected, I will send to you My terms and conditions via email. Send your non-refundable deposit to secure your session slot which enables Me to plan ahead.

* I expect you to be in a clean state of mind and body. Remember to have enough rest and stay hydrated. O/our play may be physically demanding. If you have another session in the days leading up to O/ours, do let Me know so I can be aware of any damage to you (for example, cane marks). If you are drugged or heavily intoxicated with alcohol, you will be refused a session with Me without a refund and may be blacklisted. If you opt for anal play, click here to read the instructions.

* No photography and videography are allowed without explicit agreement from both of U/us.

* I will provide aftercare for you to wind down after play and bring you back to reality. If you have a preferred form of aftercare, kindly inform Me in advance so I can make the necessary preparations.

Speak to you soon,

(your Mistress-to-be)



If you want a chance to spend time in My presence for the first time, kindly fill up the application form to serve. I am always on the go and will respond to you as soon as I am able. your patience is appreciated. Remember to check your junk inbox in case the virtual mail lost its way. I am often being served by playthings who are of high prominence in society and hence, an ultra-discretion mode and confidentiality are always on (One of the reasons why I hide My face online). It goes two ways; I will always respect yours, and you will respect Mine in return.

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Submitted! Kindly check your junk inbox. Only respectful applicants will be responded.











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International Singaporean Mistress Caittrin is based in Singapore. Dominatrix Asia - Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, and Jakarta Locanto. Petite Asian Domme can be found in major cities kink events in Australia Crockor and New Zealand - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland and Wellington. Mistress Caittrin is an independent and verified Professional Dominatrix. International Tryst Rendezvous. Her professional listing can be found on Open Adult Directory - Mistress Advisor, Massage Republic.

Dickie Virgin Canada admirers, begin your servitude in Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary and Montreal. Fly Me to you request or your business trip kinky companion is available subject to approval. Attend Fetish events in London UK Professional Mistress, Europe - Germany or play in an equipped dungeon for a specialised scene. If you prefer to indulge in a Domme Lifestyle in a less intimidating environment via a domestic setting, Mistress Caittrin will get along well with you. Buy a cup of tea.

Singapore Dominatrix Caittrin is an International BDSM Mistress leading the FemDom lifestyle. Indulge in Authentic Power Exchange. Featured in Domme Addiction, Fetish Matters. Relinquish your facade & surrender to your Sunkissed Asian - Petite Renaissance Muse. Slave Training, Bondage, Sissyfication/Crossdressing, Chastity Keyholding, Goddess Feet, Latex Enthusiast.


Singaporean Mistress Caittrin is a renowned kinkster, a community leader and moderator in Singapore BDSM scene. She is an Internationally recognised Dominatrix from Singapore and represents the minority race and ethnicity. Top Mistress World - The first and only to represent Singapore in global major Female Domination or Kink events - Athens Femdom Gala organised by Mistesss Alexandra Balance, Professional Mistress UK London Femdom Ball hosted by Black Madame Caramel and German Fetish Ball in Berlin. Featured in various Femdom articles such as Domme Addiction. United States tour Hogspy announcement.

Domina Guide you through obedience slave training and behaviour correction. Explore private BDSM playtime, bondage, tie and tease denial, shibari, foot fetish, and pegging. Genuine power exchange connection for managers and C Suites Executives. Linkedin - No matter your position in the corporate world, you will no longer feel lonely at the top under the sophisticated and beautiful high arch feet of a Modern Day Renaissance Muse alternative universe.

All My Links - Worship the Singapore Femdom Goddess on Loyalfans and begin your online lesson. Follow on social media - Facebook Page, Facebook Profile, Twitter & Instagram.

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