Work your way up to serve Me on a personal level.

It's time for you to wake up your idea.

Women do not exist solely for your pleasure. Majority of FemDom porns are created by men for men. What does it mean by genuinely serving a Domme OR are you serving yourself, making use of Us, to cater to your 'fetishes'?

If the latter resonates with you, this training is not for you UNLESS you are willing to help yourself to change your mindset. This is not a place for misogynistic or self-entitled boys. Hold on, you can't be bothered reading this.

Devote Virtually is not an "online session". I will not "play" with you until you've shown that you deserve My effort. It is not your decision to claim whether you're well-behaved, or not.

Devote Virtually is By Invitation Only

Virtual devotion training begins with instructional videos where you will learn the fundamentals before serving Me. Once you've progressed, you will pass to Me your chastity keys before unlocking your opportunity to have a voice conversation with Me.

From there, I'll decide whether you will be useful enough to be part of My universe to serve Me on a personal level which may lead to real-time interactions. I will be dictating throughout for My own pleasure and your instruction, never.


Looking forward to your surrender.