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I play to own and is only interested in meeting playthings who seek for genuine power exchange connections regardless of experience level.
My kink interests differ from day to day depending on what I am in the mood for as long it doesn't cross O/our boundaries. My forte lies in tantra and semenewa (predicament) bondage and had spent hours on rope education.

BDSM philosophy of Safe, Sane, Consensual and RACK applies at all times. Discretion, safety and hygiene are paramount. Strictly no intercourse, intimacy, rimming, sexual activities that end with a 'job' and kinks that involves blood, needle, hardsports, children, animals and ABDL.

In O/our D/s relationship, I will be dictating everything and will not take instructions from you. I look forward to your bona fide servitude and see where O/our journey takes U/us to.

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