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My Ideal Plaything


My ideal plaything channels their intelligence and obedience through service servitude. he/she does not need to enjoy an array of kinks or be a masochist. Every individual is special.


Most importantly, to be able to have an honest and meaningful conversation with Me. After all, communication in a Dominant/submissive (D/s) dynamics is crucial.


I accept novices if you are willing to learn the right way to worship a Goddess - From your speech, your eye contact with Me to your behaviour. If you require assistance on your mannerism, click here.

Seasoned players, let's play on another level. Will you be able to accomplish the given task in a predicament position? I expect your mannerism to be proper.


“Always wanted to get tied up with ropes. I decided to give it a try after looking at Mistress Caittrin’s pictures and is a total mindblown experience. She didnt make bondage a boring task. The fun starts when she first hold the ropes and not until shes done with tying you up.” - Friskyero in Sammyboy Forum


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Every Rendezvous is Unique


Psychological aspects is as important as physical domination. Do not be afraid to share your deepest and darkest desires with Me. I will not judge you. Confide in Me but be aware that  I will tease out your cravings, for My pleasure.


Gentle, sensual domination when you behave and ruthless if your behaviour needs correction.


Your first rendezvous with Me will touch on My core interests, if it align with your kinks too. Rewards need to be earned.


Discretion, Safety & Hygiene


I play by the BDSM rule of Safe, Sane and Consensual + Risk Aware Consensual Kink.


No marks will be on you unless you allow. Always remember, I take no as an answer. Respect and trust go both ways.


Strictly hard limits are -
Scripts, Adult Baby Diaper Play, Permanent Body Modification, Children/Animals, Rimming, Roman/Brown Showers, Blood/Knife/Needle Play, Smoking, Drugs or anything illegal, Wrestling/Scissoring, Switching as well as oral and sexual intercourse.


Are you a Novice?


I truly understand it gets overwhelming with all the BDSM jargons and unsure how to behave appropriately.


First of all, I'm a woman - A human being and not an object. Respect Me, including My body. Same goes to you do not objectify your female co-workers in corporate office or professors in academia.


Your tone, behavior and choice of words should be the same in a professional setting. What makes Me any difference than your lady boss or female professor other than the fact that I'm just kinkier?


Read more about My Kinks and Novice Manual for your virtual guidance.


Are you ready to serve Me?


Do your interests align with Mine? Or does it inspire you to serve Me because of how I lead My life? If you believe W/we have potential chemistry, I look forward to your servitude.


Most of My time is spent in My cosmopolitan hometown in Asia, Singapore. If you're fortunate enough, you will have the chance to serve Me at My convenience when I'm visiting your city.