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Definition of Dominatrix & Femdom

"A Woman who physically or psychologically dominates Her partner in a sadomasochistic encounter." - Merriam Webster. However, many non-binary, gender-queer people or woman-aligned folks identify as Dominatrices as well.

Femdom refers to Female Domination. Other labels that surround Female Domination includes 'Mistress', 'Domme', 'Domina', 'Lady', 'Queen' and etc. Ideally, there will be Power Exchange which involves Mistress/slave dynamics. Without it, She is considered as a service top for the receiving bottom.

2. Definiton of Dominatrix & Femdom

Is there a difference between Professional & Lifestyle Dominatrix?

They are different but none is better than another. Some factors to consider is the understanding of and attitude to one's own kink as well as personal life circumstances.


For some, professional domination is a career for them. A professional Dominatrix provides domination/power-exchange services to clients who seek for fetish gratification. It is a no-strings-attached tailored experience.


A client will hire a Professional Dominatrix typically by the hour to receive domination as and when they feel like it. There will be strictly no intimacy or sexual acts involved. Requesting for it will get you instantly blacklisted. If you're seeking for such acts, kindly search for fetish-friendly escorts instead.


On the other hand, a lifestyle Dominatrix, as the name suggests, is one that dominates as an aspect of their personality and as a part of their lifestyle. More importantly, a lifestyle Dominatrix seeks for compatibility, or in other words, whether he/she has the qualities that She seeks out for in Her submissive. However, She is compensated differently depending on Her terms.

3. Is there a difference between Professional & Lifestyle Dominatrix?

Common BDSM Terminology Explained

Those who are new to BDSM community, Fetish and Femdom scene may be unfamiliar with the terminology used. Below is a list for those interested in expanding their knowledge of common terms used.

* Do note that the list below may/may not be Mistress Caittrin's interest kink list. It is meant for education purpose only. This is also a way for you to understand what kinks turn you on or off. To know Her desires & boundaries, click here.

[ AB/DL ]

An acronym for Adult Baby & Diaper Lovers where the giver is an adult caring for the receiving who is roleplaying as an infant or toddler. Also known as Paraphilic infantilism.

[ Anal Play ]

A term used for activities that involve stimulation of the anus. Examples will be anal penetration with a finger, prostate toy massager and pegging with the use of strap-ons.

4. BDSM Terminology Explained

“Always wanted to get tied up with ropes. I decided to give it a try after looking at Mistress Caittrin’s pictures and is a total mindblown experience. She didnt make bondage a boring task. The fun starts when she first hold the ropes and not until shes done with tying you up.”


- Friskyero in Singapore's Sammyboy Forum


[Read more reviews]


[ Bondage ]

A restraining activity that involves ropes. Other words that surrounds it are 'shibari' means 'tie' & 'kinbaku' means 'tight-binding' in Japanese. Popular for its art form. Requires hours and years of practice to master floor works or suspension.

[ Breath Play ]

Also known as Erotic Asphyxiation. A risky activity that  intentionally cuts off oxygen supply through choking, smothering, suffocating, facesitting and other acts.

[ CBT ]

An acronym for Cock and Ball Torture. It involves torture of the male genitals for gratification, which includes inflicting pain or discomfort on the penis and testicles. Examples will be ball busting or wearing devices such as chastity cage or humbler.

[ Corporal Punishment ]

An activity that involves punishment by physical pain with or without using tools. Examples will be flogging, slapping, spanking, paddling and whipping. A popular activity is judicial caning which resembles Singapore's popular prison rattan rotan/cane or Asian way of behaviour correction.

[ D/s ]

An acronym for Dominant/submissive where there is an exchange of power dynamics involved.

[ Electro Play ]

An activity that involves electricty on the body to create different sensations. There are safety precautions to take note and they should never be used on people with pacemakers, other medical implants or who have any type of heart condition.

[ Feet Fetish / Feet Worship ]

One of the most common fetish that involves fixation of feet, toes and ankles. This particular preference for feet can vary from person to person. Also known as podophilia.


[ Hard Limit / Soft Limit ]

Hard limit is a BDSM term which refers to boundaries or issues of prohibited activities. Soft limit refers to activities that involves subtle boundaries which may be attempted with caution.

[ Impact Play ]

Similar to corporal punishment where physical pain for the gratification of either one or both parties involved.

[ Medical Fetishism ]

A fetish that is medical or clinical in nature. A hospital or medical scene is often created to act out specific or general medical fetishes.

[ Mummification ]

An activity where the receiver's body is completely physically restricted and immobile. One may be partially or fully wrapped in materials such as duct tape, bandages, body bag and plastic wrap.

[ Nipple Play ]

An activity that inflicts pain or intense stimulation on the nipples or breast of the receiver. It can be with a flick by the finger or using toys such as nipple clamps or pump.

[ Needle Play ]

The act of manipulation or stimulation of permanent piercings to insertion of play piercing needles or recreational acupuncture to form patterns. It is placed through folds of skin all over the body.

[ Orgasm Control ]

An act to control the orgasm of a partner. Other terms that surrounds it are "Orgasm Denial", 'Tease and Denial' or 'Tie and tease' which involves the tying up of a partner and bringing them to the brink of orgasm by stopping and denying them an orgasm.


[ Pet Play ]

A form of roleplay where at least one participant plays the part of a non-human animal by entering the altered mind space.

[ Role Play ]

Also known as fantasy play where there will be scenarios or scenes which involves acting, costumes and props. Essentially, each person pretends to be someone or something they aren't.

[ Safe Word ]

A code word, series of code words or other signal used by a person to communicate their physical or emotional state. It is used to pause or to end the activity/scene.

[ Sensory Deprivation ]

A practice that makes people focus on other senses by depriving them of one or more senses.  Common examples will be removing sense of sight by using blindfolds, masks or hoods. It can also include depriving the receiver's sense of taste, smell, hearing and touch.

[ Sissyfication ]

An act which involves crossdressing of a male wearing female clothing. Another term is called 'Feminisation'.

[ Sounding ]

The act of inserting a medical probes called sounds. It is a metal rod that is inserted into the male urethra to receive pleasure.


[ Temperature Play ]

A sensual play where objects and substances are used to stimulate the body's neuroreceptors for heat and cold such as using candle wax or ice cubes.

[ Tickling Fetishism ]

A fetish where individuals get aroused by the sensation of being tickled, tickling others, or watching someone get tickled. Also known as knismolagnia.



[ Trampling ]

An activity where a receiver is being crushed underfoot by the giver. It can be barefooted or with shoes such as heels or boots.


[ Watersports / Hardsports ]

Watersports is a form of play involving bodily fluids such as saliva spit or urination (a.k.a golden shower). Hardsports involves defecation (a.k.a scat/brown showers). Roman showers involve vomit and ruby showers involves menstrual blood.

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