Dear you,
I am Caittrin Lee, a modern-day renaissance Lady in My late 20s, with an alternative universe. A BDSM Lifestyler and been in Female Led Relationships for more than a decade before I decided to share to the world as a Dominatrix. I also give back to the kink community as a moderator and BDSM educator.
Dominance to Me is not roleplay. It's ingrained in My personality. Being well-read, multi-talented and a visionary leader is much valuable in this ever-changing global world of O/ours.
Despite identifying Myself as a Domme, I believe it does not entitle Me to be imperious at all times. you will admire Me even more with My vivacious self outside out of My play headspace.
I enjoy connecting with NGO, BDSM and rope  communities worldwide. My other kink activities include having brunch with Dominatrices, upgrading My skills through workshops and attend events or conventions.



Inclusive yet decisive
Intuitive yet rational
Nurturing yet assertive

Driven yet fair

Admire My sunkissed olive skin with no tattoo or enhancement. Again and again, be mesmerised by My alluring natural deep double eyelids gazing at you with sweet deceiving smile.
Worshipping My divine UK 3 high arch feet if you've earned My trust. Being petite and barely 5 feet tall, more reason for you to be kneeling or crawling in My presence.
Born and raised in Asia's cosmopolitan city, Singapore - A mixed Asian descent, do note that I do not have an East Asian facial features. I value cybersecurity and hence I do not reveal My full face over in cyberspace.
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