Dear you,


Welcome to My universe. A BDSM Lifestyler for more than a decade before I decided to share My alternative universe to the world as a Professional Dominatrix.

I also train slaves who dream to worship Me in My virtual stable here.

Mainly based in Asia’s cosmopolitan city, My hometown, Singapore. I spend My remaining kink time giving back as an educator and currently lead a non-profit BDSM community group - KinkED Singapore.

I travel solely for kink and My favourite cities are Hong Kong and Melbourne.


Other cities are Jakarta, London, Berlin, Los Angeles and beyond.



If you're lucky, you will be able to serve Me in a private servitude session.

Dominance to Me is not a roleplay. It's ingrained in My personality.

I thrive through connecting with selected individuals from all walks of life.



Inclusive yet decisive

Intuitive yet rational

Nurturing yet assertive

Driven yet fair

Beyond the salmon-pink newspaper lies a poised and petite renaissance Lady.

My vanilla topic interests lies in design, architecture, socioeconomic, fintech, computer science, real estate and more.

I spend My idle time indulging in self-betterment with low tea. I'm also an advocator of various causes.



Support My favourite non-profit organisations here.

Admire My sunkissed olive skin with no tattoo or enhancement.

Again and again, be mesmerised by My alluring natural deep double eyelids gazing at you.


Worshipping My divine UK 3 high arch feet.

Kink is also an avenue for Me to flaunt My personal dressing style without judgements in the vanilla world.



I've always been inspired by alternative designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Alexander Mcqueen and Ann Demeulemeester.

I adore high heels, boots with embellishments and various texture outfits including latex, leather and lace. Being petite, majority of My wardrobe consists of tailored clothing.

Learn more about My preferences and explore gift guides in My virtual stable.


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© International Mistress Caittrin  |  Asian Dominatrix  |  Femdom Lifestyle Domme

 Based in Asia - Singapore, travels APAC & beyond

Hong Kong, Jakarta, Melbourne, Brisbane, Berlin, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Zurich


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