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A Cold and Fulfilling OZ Kink Trip

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

G'day to My readers and it's been a while! I've finally managed to squeeze in some time to clear My mind while typing this in a cafe overlooking yachts at Quayside. The closest I can be imagining Brisbane's river city slow paced of life overlooking Southbank. I've so many backlogs ever since I came back home from OZ and pardon if I "ignore" you if you've messaged Me. It's not intentional unless you're a timewaster.

Greeted by loyal painslut Z who chauffeured Me after I landed from Hong Kong. It was a mad rush week settling My personal stuff while I was away and clearing My piling laundry. I am literally living in a suitcase throughout the month of March with all My toys.

Also, thankful that I've met up with smartass J, an experience that I will never forget which challenges My ability as Domme to ensure he's alive at the end of our play meet. I've been granted permission to post his encounter in My next blog post.

3 hours countdown before the departure. Ensuring that everything is ready without overpacking. Although Cyrus can't be with Me to send Me off, a phone call with him throughout My journey to the airport is the only saviour to keep Me sane without overthinking.

I salute people with LDR. It isn't an easy journey but it's possible.

Had My last local meal before I set off. Closing My eyes and the next thing I knew...

Here I am, in a foreign land again. Despite English being My native language, the difference in accent is still a communication barrier. Being away from Singaland forces Me to speak English with proper diction and enunciation. No one else will be able to understand our lor, lah and mai lah.

Immigration was a nightmare because the machine decided to not process My passport automatically. Left with no choice, I had to queue up to clear manually. What's the point of having one of the strongest passports in the world? *rolls eyes* I know it's unusual knowing that people of My nationality love to queue even for hello kitty or bubble tea but I hated it.

Once done, I'll have to queue up again to check whether I've things to declare or not. One of the question on that slip of paper asks whether you've any "wooden" objects. I seek the border police lady for assistance and ask whether is it okay to bring wooden pegs for clothes 🤣 (Actually I brought My rattan canes along).

It was confusing because one says it is okay then another says just let your checked luggage scanned to be sure.

The verdict? It's all cleared including all My random toys and vibrators lol. I heard they are more particular about food.

Purchased My sim card and I realised I forgot to bring My travel adapter. I got so used to travelling to Hong Kong (We had the same pin) that it slipped My mind. Luckily, the lady suggested whether I would like to get one and I had that Rin moment of "OHYEAH" 😂

Took the train (because I heard it is expensive af to take a cab) to My hotel and I got a shock of My life that there's graffiti on the train tracks walls. So service sub E told Me if I don't see graffiti, it wouldn't be Australia 🤦‍♀️ Perhaps I am too used to the neat and green Singapore. A culture shock and I was internally screaming when I see people eating in the train and littering.

It's unbelievable that I spent a few hours to get to My accommodation. Luckily, they had My room ready despite being too early from the check-in time and I am literally dead tired and managed to catch some nap before going off for lunch. I had a discussion about airports and there's the same agreement that it sucks the energy out of you.

I don't have plans for that afternoon because it's supposed to be 'Me time' and decided to kill time by taking pictures of a tourist attraction aka Sydney Harbour Bridge. It was flooded with humans even the path to the Opera House and decided to just snap and go off to get My late lunch. Their definition of the food court is totally different from ours. WHY ARE THE FOOD SO EXPENSIVE 😭

In Singapore, you can choose to eat a $2 chicken rice or pay for $10 at atas places. Apparently, that does not work in other countries.

I was ranting to subs why is Singapore ranked one of the most expensive cities in the world when it's actually not. Apparently, our COE is the root cause of it. If you take away car ownership prices, it is relatively an affordable place to live in. I let my FTT expired many many years back because private hires were introduced. I prefer to be driven around and able to complete stuff especially emails while commuting rather than cursing and swearing at jams and waiting for carpark lots.

Whoever complains about Singapore's public transport is horrible and expensive really needs to get their face smacked. YOU'RE LIVING IN A CAVE. 🤯

I needed to kill time before the North Shore Munch and was waaaay too early. The people at the munch were so welcoming and fun to talk to! It gets even creepier when someone messaged Me over on Fetlife (Only checked the next day) and said he is with his friends watching Rugby and not part of the munch but would love to get Me a coffee and have a chat together.


Well, that's the problem of munches revealing location publicly.

It's amazing to see the age spectrum as compared to the community here in Singapore which are populated by the young. It does not matter how old you are to enjoy kink. There are Masters with live-in slaves that I talked to. A dream of Mine of modern slavery - To serve Me despite holding their high positions and intensive career.

I had to leave early because I got a play party to head to! Train over and I'm blind as a bat. I was walking back and forth where the bars are trying to get the unit number right. The club entrance was discreet but it was right smack in front of the train station exit. 🤦‍♀️

The music was loud and the place was crowded. I felt out of place and being the only Asian that is tanned without an Australian accent. Everyone else is towering over Me by many heads above Me. Quirky outfits with black tapes wrapped all over their body. I climb up the stairs and was greeted by this gorgeous lady who complimented the holographic harness that I was wearing. I told her I was alone and it is My first time attending the party. She introduced to Me to a guy on the couch who came alone too and we click pretty well. Once I'm comfortable with the ambience, I finally decided to change to the party outfit that I've custom made it with tapes. Revealing the exhibitionist in Me (Pictures in My slaves exclusive!)

Made friends along the way from various walks of life - A shibari performer, a private party organiser and I wished I had the chance to play with this sissy dresser I met during the party. He was so devoted to his actions on serving and he's very well-mannered. However, he was serving another Mistress that I wasn't very pleased with her husband actions despite informing her.

He flips My skirt up and tried to hug Me while I was standing up talking with others on the couch. I gave him a warning NO and he was cheekily smiling.

Me: "Is that your husband? Can you tell him how to behave?"

She: "Why should I? He can do whatever he wants!"

This time round, he smacked My butt and I was so crossed and smacked his hands by giving him another warning NO. He was still being self-entitled because he wants to get what he wants and ask why not?

I just moved away and not let him destroy My mood that night. A few hours later, I'm back to My hotel room to catch enough sleep before I'm off again to My next schedule in the list - A full day kink workshops.

Coincidentally, I met up with the sissy dresser again and we had a discussion with another lady who was there at the party last night. He told her about the incident to her that the husband was an asshole. Even he wasn't pleased with his actions while he's serving her wife. He complimented Me that I was pretty good at telling him off with a stern warning. When I told her about the conversation I had with the wife, she was so pissed off saying that "HE CAN'T DO WHATEVER FUCK HE WANTS!". 🤯

The workshops were great and I can't wait to be back there again when I'm in Sydney. Next, to another munch out in the suburbs which got My passport checked. It was horrifying actually to be out of My hometown where everyone takes safety for granted. A woman entering a bar alone invites trouble especially when I physically look like an underage Asian drinking beer.

The next day I was spending some time walking around the CBD trying to find casual clothes to wear as I realised that My wardrobe I packed is mainly lingerie and latex. While waiting to cross the road, I met up with the sissy dresser coincidentally three days in a row and we're both heading to the same direction! He was fascinated by the electro workshop and decided to get one to play with. I wanted to get canes but the thought of travelling with it is a pain.

Another thing that I've realised that the underground trains aren't like the one in Asia cities where it comes with noise barriers and you won't be able to feel the vibrations. I was horrified when I was having a meal in Mackers with a sub, wondering why is the floor shaking?! 😭

Spending time in the suburbs is totally different from being in the CBD area and Brisbane is the next place that I suggest if one is seeking for slow-paced city life. In Singapore, suburbs are developed as much as the city area - In fact, some places are even better with a variety of amenities. I wanted to head to Gold Coast but I was out of luck as it was raining the entire day. Spent My day walking around but why does the shops close so early in Brisbane?!

Arrived in Melbourne at night and I had to google where to find food late at 12am?! I don't usually eat Korean food but I'm left with no choice and it's the first time having soju. Going out alone in Melbourne CBD during odd hours wasn't that scary as compared to Sydney CBD. I met up with My long time vanilla friend (The same night I met T, which we no longer communicate) and this made Me realised that those who studied and lived abroad, they behaved differently than those who remained in Singapore for all their life.

I always wonder why do I always feel out of place? I felt that I don't belong in Singapore amongst the people despite loving the food, safety and our transportation system here. Perhaps in the future, one day, I will pack My bag and set My life differently, moving to another city. A new environment, new faces and a new lifestyle.

The difference is huge when I travelled just a few minutes away via the tram from Melbourne CBD for a rope workshop. I was astonished that power lines are still hanging above the ground and there aren't much high rise buildings. I paired up with this gentleman during the workshop and he was out of words when I tied him up. I got carried away in the space and it's been a while since I connect physically with a stranger during a workshop.

We spent our time together and he brought Me to an organic store because he needed to do some groceries shopping. There are no plastic bags at all and everyone carried their own boxes and carriers. Of course, I didn't come out empty-handed even though I'm just following him before we get our dinner LOL 🤦‍♀️

It was a chilly day and we're all dying for a bowl of hot soup to get our body warm. Considering it was 8 degrees the night before and it rained the following morning. While waiting for our turn to get seats for dinner, we chatted and he showed Me around the neighbourhood. I'm thankful that he's around because it's impossible to know My way alone unlike in the CBD. I had to rely on uber most of the time.

Unfortunately, My groceries shopping doesn't end there and I got carried away at Queen Victoria Market. I can't wait to cook during My next trip to Melbourne in September!

Homemade pasta, falafel, local produce vegetables and fruits? Oh yes! 😂

Brb need kombucha too


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