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Overdue Update on Caittrin

Hello admirers, it has been a long time since I did such a self-update blog post. Here we go!

Life has been busier than ever. With the restrictions on travelling, My monthly schedule changes drastically ever since I came back from Australia last year (2020) just before the major lockdown. Else I will be jet setting off every other month. Even in Singapore, My usual volunteer activities have been restricted too so I have no choice but to find something new to fill up the void in My life.

Question to you - How did the pandemic affect your life? What new routines or activities did you implement in your new normal life?

I've been postponing My new learning journey for a whole year and carved out some time for it recently. If you've kept up with My mini-updates, yes I'm finally a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach & Hypnosis practitioner accredited by The American Board of NLP-Hypnotherapy and practices Time Line Therapy™. My trainer initially didn't know what is a Dominatrix is when I was sharing with his business partner what I actually do and why do I choose to enrol on the courses. Both My trainer and his business partner were intrigued by what I do. To be honest, there are a lot of similarities between domination (or BDSM in general) and psychology. Examples - Energy exchanges, cathartic experiences and sub/Dom drops.

This reminds Me that I have a new obsession with sensory play regardless of deprivation or overload. Those who had play sessions with Me will be aware that I may be strict (or perhaps My resting bitch face looks like I'm pissed all the time) but I will still be playful and sensual if you behave well. Caressing and gently running through My sharp fingernails at your weak spots.

In terms of Domming, I've been more guarded towards My precious time and will not take in subs who are NOT devoted to serving Me. Honestly, I don't mind taking in novices who would like to explore (I'm willing to guide you through this journey slowly but gradually). However, I'm not interested if you're just "trying" Me out or basically Domme-hopping. I don't mind if you meet several Dommes because ultimately, I don't own you but meeting xxx list of Dommes and still can't find a handful to commit to is a 'you' problem.

I will also know if you're trying to fake your way to attempt to meet Me.

It just means you've not done your research enough before you meet them in person and also not know what you actually want for yourself in the first place. What drives you to be submissive? What kind of submissive are you? Or do you just treat Dommes/Women as a masturbation object whenever you're horny?

Those who would like to serve Me would have diligently read through My website that I've spent days and nights polishing it up to speak up for Me. I'm an open book. I've also revamped it to be educational sections too for those who would like to know more about Kink and Female Domination.

Every individual is unique and each rendezvous is different. I'm carefree and generally will go with the flow based on My mood and who I'm with but I know what are My interests are and boundaries. This is why I don't have a specific "service list" whenever people request it. I'm not a Domme robot that I can churn out fixed activities regardless of day and time.

Nevertheless, I've decided to put it out for those who are interested to know more about Me. I'm always open to learning new things. This is a non-exhaustive "list" and I may also have other satisfactions & desires as well which are not stated below.

Breaking it down into three sections :

My Satisfactions:

| Worship Me

(Feet, Legs, Heels, Boots, Gloves, Stockings)

| Fetish Fashion

(Latex, Leather, PU, Nylons & etc)

| Non-scripted Role Play

| Co-Domination with My Domme Comrades

| Genuine Power Exchange Connection

| Play to Own | Receive service submission via vanilla tasks

(Chauffeur, Gardener, Chef & etc) | Social dates with discreet public play

(Cafe, Museum, Theatre, Shopping, Gala & etc)

- - - - - -

My Desires to Toy with you:

| Orgasm Control

(Tease/Denial, Ruined, Post-Torture, Onahole & etc)

| Restraints

(Shibari, Cuffs, Shackles & etc)

| Sensory Play

(Deprivation, Overload, Temperature, Blindfolds, Tickle, Breath Control, HOM, Gag, Clothed Facesitting, Ear Plugs, Hypnosis & etc)

| Anal Play

(Training, Pegging with strap-on, Butt Plug, Fisting)

| Cock & Ball Torture

(Chastity, Humbler, Ball Busting & etc)

| Corporal Punishments

(Military Exercises, Judicial Caning, OTK Spanking, Flogging & etc)

| Discipline & Obedience Training

| Humiliation & Degradation

(SPH, Pet Play, Golden Shower, Spitting, Slapping)

| Medical Play

(Sounding, Electrics, Enema, Wartenberg Wheel, Prostate Exam)

| Nipples Play


| Sissyfication & Consensual Forced Bi

- - - - - -

In terms of boundaries :

My style of domination does not involve sexual activities, intercourse or any unlawful acts. I do not partake in activities involving scripts, heavy medical play, animals, minors, brown/ruby showers, switching/subbing or allow you to worship any part of My body that is typically covered by a bikini. Touching, licking or kissing without My consent is sexual assault.


To sum up, doesn't mean I like all of My desires and satisfaction above I have to do it at a specific moment as it all depends on My mood (Eg. How I feel that day) and who I'm with. It doesn't make sense to do impact play (Even though I may enjoy it) on someone when pain is a boundary. Perhaps talking about Singapore memes/jokes to someone who isn't based in Singapore, or trying to say I enjoy having siesta to a Singaporean because they can't relate.

It's the same for My daily dressing - Some days I want to be provocative, dress up as an executive or maybe athleisure. I've also been updating My wardrobe and toys which also means documenting it in My inventory list since I've had new purchases. Here's a "selfie" from My recent impromptu shopping trip!

Till then, speak to you soon!




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