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[EROTICA] Getting Dressed Appropriately - Part 1

She breezed into the room, business-like, Her slippers making no sound on the cold marble room. She paused to regard the object suspended in the middle of the room like a jaguar considering whether its prey was worth descending from its perch. She rolled the coloured egg in Her hand as She stood, the other hand on Her hip. Bringing the egg up to Her full lips, She kissed it, planting Her mark on the eggshell. She stalked forward, unable to resist a devilish smile creeping across Her face at the scenes racing across Her imagination, all featuring the poor object before Her.

The blindfold may as well have been welded to my eyes. Not even a trickle of light could get through, and I had no sense of what day or time it was. When I walked through the door into the Mistress’s dungeon, I had been knocked unconscious. The next thing I knew, I couldn’t see or move, but after my initial struggle had realised the familiar feeling of hanging from the ceiling with my hands bound behind me and my legs above my head. My chastity cage had been removed.

It was that last fact that was the most terrifying. Mistress Caittrin never liked free cocks unless it was to fuck with them. Even so, she isn't interested in fucking male alphas. To have gone to this extent meant Mistress had something big and potentially life-changing planned. My cock betrayed me with a twitch at the thought.

I jumped in my restraints when a strong hand whipped my exposed bottom with a slap. I felt something being placed in the small bowl of my belly button and stay there. Mistress’s warm, soft hand snaked down my abdomen, fingers splitting over my cock before settling on holding my balls. I felt Mistress’s breath in my ear as she spoke, feeling like her voice was reverberating over my eardrums and her low, animated voice was entering my brain directly.

“Careful now, that is a very precious item. Do. Not. Drop. It.”


My balls stung from the sharp slap delivered to it, and I could feel them trembling and protesting as Mistress squeezed them.

“Good boy... You didn’t drop it even after that. But no talking. This is not a discussion, and it definitely is not a choice for you. I’m just here to tell you what is going to happen to you and why.”

Mistress had started to play with my cock and balls, lightly stroking and using Her nails over the tip of my sensitive cockhead. She quickly squeezed out a drop of pre-cum.

“This is the problem.”

I shivered at the dissatisfaction I could hear in her voice.

“After all my training... this is all you can produce??? You need to understand that I need pre-cum of the highest quality from charming lads for My skincare business and as My factory, you are simply not meeting the required quality and quantity. So today, I intend to fix that.”

The blindfold was removed, and I blinked at the sudden light. Mistress grabbed my head and forced it down to look at the item that She had placed in the valley formed by my belly button. It was a teal coloured egg, with a deep crimson kiss mark. Mistress released my head, and I looked up at Her. She had light blue coloured contact lenses on today, and with Her long straight black hair and bangs, had the look of a westernised Chinese doll. She wore a deep gray silk bodysuit that emphasised every inch of Her curves, but hung loose around Her chest, allowing tantalising glimpses of Her cleavage.

I didn’t notice Mistress had taken the egg until I felt something warm pushing against my asshole, and soft groan escaped me as my asshole opened up and swallowed the egg that Mistress had pushed into me. Mistress kept going until the egg rested squarely on my prostate, and if anything, was becoming warmer by the minute.

“Aren’t you excited? You’re going to be a MOMMY soon! To a nice, cute... tentacle... BEAST.”

Mistress smirked at the blank look on my face. Tentacles? Did that even exist?

“Clearly you have questions, but I’m not going to bother answering them unless you survive this treatment because I’ll be wasting my breath otherwise.”

Mistress gently wrapped Her hand around my throat. She leaned in close, Her eyes glaring into mine, Her hair brushing softly against the side of my face as She started to strengthen Her grip, steadily cutting off my air until I was choking.

“But I didn’t invest so much into you for you to wimp out, so DON'T you dare let ME down,”

Mistress snarled.

Abruptly, Mistress let go and gave me a sweet smile.

“It’s going to feel quite special when you’re fucked by something you gave birth to. But I digress. Let’s get you started.”

Mistress snapped Her fingers, and I started as I felt the egg begin to throb, setting off sparks of pleasure against my prostate. My cock began to twitch in time with each throb of the egg.

“Well then, I shall leave you two to it. Have fun! I know I will be.”