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Greetings plaything-to-be,

Ensure you have read My website in its entirety before you begin your servitude for Me. Do note I do not provide a 'BDSM or fetish service'. I offer you an opportunity to serve a Lady.

I play to own and seek to connect with respectful individuals regardless of your experience level in a Female Led Relationship.

However, My time and energy is precious and will only direct My attention to plaything-to-be that is worth to build a connection with - Emotional, spiritual and physical level. Guiding you, slowly and firmly but never micromanage.

Pain or leaving marks is not compulsory, it's a choice. Boundaries, discretion, hygiene, safety and consent are always respected.

Let's see where O/our genuine power exchange journey takes us to and I look forward to your servitude. Propose your first D/s date with Me here.

Caittrin Lee
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