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(Thank you to the following subs who allow Me to publicly share their experiences)

“ Mistress Caittrin is a petite siren yet patient and down to earth. Thank You for allowing me to enter Your universe.”


- Plaything K in Hong Kong

" Very much enjoyed the session with You again in OZ.  You're quite the classy sophisticated Dominant so that's what i was attracted to as a submissive and also that You're the most tiniest petite Domme i know. i really enjoyed serving You and i could tell You really enjoyed it too. Look forward to catching up with you again on your next trip.  "


- Pet D in Australia


"Dear Mistress Caittrin,


I am writing this to you because I am glad that you took away my virginity, perhaps in the ass next time too. I was very nervous, do not have the courage to meet in real life.


What if it is too intense as what I
seen in all those Femdom videos? I was wrong. You, Mistress Caittrin is someone who I have admired for a few years.


Many Mistresses left but you stay true to what you believe in and always love. I've always look forward to your new blog posts back in Tumblr.


When I first met you in real life, you're surprisingly humble, friendly and someone that I'm comfortable to share my thoughts and fears. I am thankful for the extraordinaire amount of patience you have during play even though it is my first time making so many mistakes.

Your playful manner and sensual touches with ropes felt like I was dominated by a girlfriend during teenage days (I wish it happened). It really makes me feel calm and not as intimidating as I thought when meeting a Dominatrix.


I hope to be able to serve you again soon when our time syncs. Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to serve you."


- Newbie Keagan in Singapore


“Never be fooled by the poised and petite demeanour, young but mature Mistress Caittrin. i will always remember O/our moments together on how you changed my life for the better. The hardest thing for me to do that day is to leave. ”


- Sissy A in Hong Kong

“Thank you for making my conference business trip an exciting one this time round. I’ve been searching for a local Dominatrix for years (Without that incomprehensible singlish accent especially for westerners like us) I could stick to each time when I travel to Singapore and I honestly glad to discover you. Not just a whip and kicking balls kind of Mistress or accidentally meetup with an escort from my past experiences. Appreciate for your time to come down to my suite despite my hectic schedule and looking forward to our next meetup.”


- Sub J in Singapore for a business trip

“Always wanted to get tied up with ropes. I decided to give it a try after looking at Mistress Caittrin’s pictures and is a total mindblown experience. She didnt make bondage a boring task. The fun starts when she first hold the ropes and not until shes done with tying you up.”


- Friskyero in Singapore's Sammyboy Forum



“after hands, tie balls, nw i know why need to shave, as the rope goes round the balls, hair will get trapped and it feels like another waxing session on your balls… i“out of the session, she is a humble and friendly domme, ask for ways to improve on her play, nothing much actually, she’s as good as she gets and she’s very passionate abt her role…

said ouch then get scolded, c told to shave, that’s ur punishment…”within

role though she is a strict no nonsense kind, yes or no, cannot mayb or wad c how…" 


- Havanna_Slicks in Singapore's SammyboyForum

“There are many Mistresses/Dommes, one might even be bold enough to say, that Dommes are a dime a dozen.

Then you are suddenly blessed with the company of Mistress Caittrin. Many consider themselves a lifestyle Domme, but Mistress Caittrin is the very definition of a Mistress. Her personality oozes with subtle hints of Her position, She is not cocky, however she threads the finest line between confidence and being just plain cocky.”


- Slave CJ in Singapore

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