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Triple Dinner Date

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Initially, Cyrus contacted Madame Amélie, a young and gorgeous French lady, for a casual play when he saw her post through Fetlife. Him being a personal slave, he needs permission from Me to play with anyone else at all times. I'm extremely particular of him playing with strangers (Those who I've not met before) and told him I will need to watch while they play together in the same room.

She asked him for My username and he forwarded the link of My Fetlife profile and surprisingly, she's interested to get in touch with Me to learn more about Femdom. Of course, I'll be glad to help another fresh Domme out. How to keep each other safe and how I told her I'm strict in My vetting process and I do not accept just any tom dick harry.

I believe in creating great memories with subs who apply to serve Me. Chemistry plays an important role apart from their kinks that should be relevant to Mine. I am glad to have loyal slaves who served Me for more than a year and beyond - In sessions, communicating virtually and having meal dates together. To Me, that's the ideal Mistress/Slave relationship even though I don't personally own them. That's the closest as it can be. Not everyone is able to commit a 24/7 lifestyle, as vanilla life tends to drown all of them. Nevertheless, I'm glad they choose to trust Me as their Mistress. A lady in their life that accepts their kinks, their inner mind and embraces their submissive self.

Subs deserves respect too and they're not worthless, unless they're really abhorrent. It takes courage for one, especially a novice to come out and let someone, or even just one, know that they're into Femdom or would like to explore being submissive.

We head out for dinner in a nice quiet cafe overlooking the greenery from the outdoor terrace seating that I specially reserve for the three of us.

Here's Madame Amelie's reddit if you would like to follow her:

We shared about our interests, our personal vanilla life. There's alot of self-exploration and I told her when I switch to become a professional Dominatrix, it's a completely different thing as you're longer playing with someone who you know inside out which is why back to the point I mentioned earlier - I would rather accept to have a play session if I believe there's potential chemistry and connection between the both of us.

She asked us how did we first met. Yes, through Fetlife too. Cyrus told her that even though I don't ask for tributes from him, sometimes he tries to pay for our meals and one day when he graduates and done with his scholarship, he would like to splurge on Me - A motivation for him to study hard now and achieve as much as he can. She told Me even though I don't expect anything for him - One day he's going to be successful and all of us laugh. In My personal kink life, I like to play when in the moment and not think too much of the future unlike My planned vanilla life.

Madame Amélie gave compliment for Cyrus (to Me) that he's a really a nice sub. Well, if he isn't - I wouldn't have kept him. I did told her that as much as I want another personal slave, it is hard to find someone who's on par with him or even better. I can't settle for a mediocre personal slave that's going to drive Me insane everyday. Like what I've mentioned, chemistry plays an important part. She hope to find a personal slave soon and I wish her all the best! It isn't an easy journey but the time will come. This also reminds me of a Domme friend of Mine, Mistress Eva - About her seeking for a personal slave too. Our life is like an open book. Only the sub who's serious about serving Us on a personal basis will do a research to learn in-depth about Us.

After she left, I thanked Cyrus and told him what he did right, impressing the both of Us without explicitly telling him what to do. Small little things add up for example - Pouring My tea, feeding the dessert for Me, opening the doors for the both of Us and more.

It's hilarious when he told Me what's in his mind, the divided attention.

1/3: Trying to listen and interact with us in the conversation

1/3: Thinking of school work that he needs to study

1/3: Trying not to stare too much at Madame Amélie's boobs because he's sitting diagonally

That's it for now. Will share about our play time together soon!

Hope your Monday blues fades away by now (Just like My tea).



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