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Releasing Tensions from Post-Circuit Breaker Activities

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Initially, I expected to get aches from My horse riding lesson during this Phase 2 and hence, I scheduled in advance My next massage session with Mike from to fall on the same week. Unfortunately, it was raining and I did stable management instead.

Instead of cancelling, I decided to proceed as we already scheduled it weeks before. Not sure when I will be available the next time either. I believe it is important to have a masseuse that you can connect with and communicate casually during the massage sessions. Else, it will be awkward silence and tense ambience throughout.

I tend to connect well with those who are older than Me even in My vanilla network. Not that I can't communicate with those around My age or younger but it is harder to relate the mindset and lingos. One of My friend that I knew years back from My pregnancy group mentioned that age doesn't matter. It just that I am in a different life stage.

Most people tend to think I am barely legal looking at My appearance but their thoughts diminish when they start to have a conversation with Me. Which is why I stuck to Mike ( to do My massage. Also, we had built connections over time. On top of that, we're both sapiosexuals!

I didn't have any major aches unlike the previous time right after My Jakarta trip last year when My legs could barely move. That time, Mike helped Me to get rid of the pain until I fell asleep (also from exhaustion) after My session. It was almost past midnight and I knew I could trust Mike to do what he needed to do.

This time round, I invited Mike to come over to My lair. I didn't expect him to carry so many things. It looked like he was going outfield, but I know he likes to be well-prepared and equipped.

He set up his equipment and I took out My new towels for him to overlay over My bed. We had a chat first rather than jump straight into the massage.

The massage started out meditative with Mike's signature slow, smooth strokes. I adore the scent of the oil that he used - Shunga lavender-scented massage oil. It's rejuvenating and calming. Mike adjusted accordingly to My pressure preferences and surprisingly, I could take in more pressure than most girls.

(Above) Picture taken during My previous massage session with Mike few months back

I remember during My Melbourne trip back in March when masochist Tippytoe was massaging My feet and legs. I was laughing throughout the massage because of how ticklish it felt. Apparently, he noted that I was laughing at the pressure points where others think it's painful. Does this mean that I am slowly becoming more like Cyrus who laughs when I cane him?

Then again, I am quite used to massages since I have been massaging Myself and My dad ever since young. I think the sadistic side in Me was brought out through massaging My dad as I would snigger and massage harder everytime My dad screamed.

Back to Mike, he did well at finding those troubled spots especially at My lower back. Apparently, Pothosd, another masseuse from SensualMassageArt, recommended that I worked on my lower back a few years back and I relayed this information to Mike, who proceeded to work his magic at finding those troubled spots.

Mike next gave a hint of sensual body to body massage but figured out that I prefer a less sensual and more massage technique based session, which of course, he is also competent in.

Mike brought along his new hot stones too. He heated it up during our chat earlier and finally, it was ready for use. I've never tried hot stones before and it felt warm and refreshing all over my back. I am open to trying new things (Safe & not intrusive) at least once and I will definitely try those hot stones again.

Overall, not only did I feel energised both of body and mind, but I felt much calmer too, right after the meditative sensual massage session. Will definitely recommend this experience to others.

For now, it's more for women but Mike did tell me that he is looking at options for men in future, and he does also conduct workshops to teach all genders how to give sensual massages.

Feel free to visit their website here to learn more:

Last but not least, SensualMassageArt is also about creating a safe space for those who would like to receive a sensual massage from trustworthy individuals. I've not tried other techniques yet offered by SensualMassageArt, of which one of them involves squirting (Cause I am extremely hard to please since I'm circumcised) but perhaps next time with a younger masseuse that Mike recommended so I can pleasure My eyes too. ;) (Nah just kidding, brains turns Me on more)

(Above) Picture taken during My previous massage session with Mike few months back


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