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Leaving Footsteps in Major Cities

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Dear Diary,

March just left us but it was an eye opening experience to travel for what I love and not be a tourist fighting with the crowds at attractions or insane amount of shopping like many others with overweight baggage.

I'm never a fan of going to touristy places unless it really interests Me. My yearly affair to Hong Kong before I started as a professional never leads Me to Ocean Park or Disneyland.

Now that I travel for kink, Lane Crawford and David Jones are the places where I love to spend My spare time looking at what I should have in My closet but never to swipe My card on impulse.

Outbound from Singapore to major cities -  Hong Kong, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. All 4 cities in the month of March.

As I hit the keys on My laptop after almost a 3 hours flight delay on the way back home, I guess the last city where I was at carved My heart the most. I met so many wonderful people throughout My March tour but finding your own citizen abroad makes Me feel less lonely. When T cursed at his shoes before we part our ways with "chibai", it felt like I'm back home.

T and I first met in a sudden cold night of 8 degrees in Melbourne over at My long time friend's place. He approached Me wondering why am I alone. He asked where I was from and he said, "Hey, I'm from Singapore too!" I told him yes I know, no thanks to his accent. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know how a Singaporean sounds like but it is obvious to know whether one has lived abroad based on the vocabulary they used and their manner of speech.

T didn't know who I was or what was My real intention of travel and neither did he suspect anything unusual when I tried to hide away My Hitachi or why do I have lube or condoms when I am travelling alone. I hope I didn't scare him away with My boring vanilla self though we still communicate with each other. Let's hope one day we will get the chance meet again and perhaps roleplay.

I had a hard time explaining to a Sydney sub what does "suaku" means at the cashier counter when I said yes to him for a supper in Macs which they refer to it as "Mackers". He recommended Me to Oporto because I was telling him how special our Mcdonalds curry sauce is. I tried the peri peri spicy chicken cheese balls and is one whole big fat lie. I don't take spicy food but this is really nothing :( Plaything J was telling Me that they have to tamper the spicyness to cater to the caucasians and the only real spicy to try is only available in Asian restaurants.

I got mistaken by a random OZ student on the street as Vietnamese while I was in Melbourne and a well-travelled Pinay pilot couldn't recognise My accent in a hotel bar back in Sydney. The security in a bar when I was at a munch in Sydney suburb was telling the waitress that he already checked My ID and mentioned that I look extremely young, perhaps 10 years younger. Food for thought, I didn't know that our dear publicly listed company in Singapore have some ownership here in Australia.

I've got plenty of backlogs to clear but without the Internet, there's nothing much I could do within this 8 hours of non-stop journey other than flipping a book that I bought about power dynamics and tantra after a workshop last weekend.

Let's start with Hong Kong, the city I am most familiar with after Singapore and My first city stop in March 2019.

I do not have the privilege to travel with Cyrus due to his university schedule unlike our last December trip during his mini break after exams. It's pretty much a solo trip from now onwards.

After I landed, I was wondering why it was so foggy from the airplane windows. Well, the weather wasn't really kind to Me that week. It rained almost throughout the time when I was there and who is this smart alex that didn't bring any jacket other than blazer to save herself.