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International Featured Interview by Domme Addiction

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

I would like to thank Slave Boy Smith for his presence and taking time to craft the article.

For slaves who have not been following Me since the very beginning when I started out My Tumblr blog - Here's a good chance to get an insight of who I am.

slaveboysmith: Joining me today, all the way from Singapore, is the very beautiful and sensual Mistress Caittrin. Mistress, it is such a pleasure to connect with you and welcome to DA!

Mistress Caittrin: Greetings Slave Boy. Glad to connect with you too from the other side of the globe.

- - - - - - -

sbs: Although we are separated by distance, I respectfully kneel before you as I ask my first question. Let me begin by asking how you came to become a Femdom Mistress, and can you share a little about your experiences along the way?

MC: Glad to share with you and the rest of the readers! I started out as a lifestyle player when I was a virgin teen – knowing nothing about BDSM. Back in school, I felt I was different than the rest of the girls around Me. I communicate better with males. I’m able to connect with them deeper and understand them further or even explicitly to their type of preferences in bed or even girls. I believe that’s how I’m open to listening to men/slaves fantasies and not be disgusted about it.

My first play experience was from this young boy I met from an online game forum and he was a keyboard warrior calling others dogs. I met him in real life and bought for him a dog leash and collar – Demanding him to bark like a dog and he really did – Not resisting it. I used to lock him (and an ex-cat of Mine) up in My closet for hours. The typical Asian thing that you can’t let the family know that a guy is in the house.

I knew of a local pro Domme in Singapore but it didn’t come across My mind to be one because her style differs from Mine (Eg. Stuffing slaves head in the toilet bowl). In recent years, I found the local kink community and finally found My place in life – realizing that what I’ve been doing for my entire life is actually Femdom.

Being a Mistress professionally and as a lifestyle player is a completely different thing and I believe I somehow help slaves who do not have the luxury to play or get a play partner experience Femdom. I hope to spread the love of Femdom more, gradually.

- - - - - - -

- - - - - - - -

sbs: That is certainly an intriguing start, Mistress. Do you have a preferred type of slave that you particularly enjoy training, and what fetishes do you enjoy exploring both in session, and online?

MC: My main kink interest with slaves are mainly through service servitude and discipline- Regardless a slave or a sissy. Simple things from helping Me to polish My latex clothing, lacing up My boots or giving massages. I don’t like each play session to be the same and hence roleplay keeps Me excited. What will we be next when we play again?

When it comes to fetishes and play – Orgasm Control is My favourite, together with rope bondage. It’s perfect! Foot worship is also one of My kinks that I enjoy as I have sensitive feet. I’m more into sensual domination. Even when I do corporal punishments or caning – I will do it seductively yet firm.

Online is not My main focus for now. I’m planning to do voice clips, similar to ASMR, in the the near future.

- - - - - - -

sbs: It’s not hard to imagine with someone as beautiful as yourself that denying what a slave would ache for, that release before his dream Mistress, would be a favourite fetish of yours. Has it become routine to know that men will fall before you and submit, or does it still thrill you knowing the power you hold over any man you set your sights upon?

MC: When it comes to a play session, they (men) will naturally know I’m in charge and will feel the vibe once they set foot into My play area. I do have feedback that it feels intimidating for them.

When it comes to a vanilla social setting, men tend to perceive dominant woman to be tall but I’m the complete opposite. When they do not know that I’m a Domme – It gives Me the thrill of mindfucking like I know what they really need, to be weak and let go of themselves sometimes.