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Hen’s Night - The First Submission

Contributed by @erinlinympho & Written in her point of view​ With minor edits from me.

[ P R O L O G U E ]

“Are YOU sure you want to do THIS?” Caittrin asked, holding my hands firmly with a look so deep and serious.

“You don’t have to take this step, we could always have a normal Hen’s Night. It’s not too late. You know that, RIGHT?”

Giggling from the thrill, “Yes… Heee Mistress,” I said in jest.

To which resulted a harsh slap to my face and seeing Caittrin still dead serious.

“I’M NOT KIDDING ERIN. You’re still rather new and to wear a collar and take on a room of Mistresses and their slaves is a big step for ANYONE. YOU will be used and abused for OUR pleasure and all of YOU is open to all of US. ARE YOU SURE?”

Her smooth hand gently caress my stung cheek as she tucked my hair behind my ear.

Standing outside the hotel room door, the big room numbers loomed behind the pretty petite lady in front of me. I took a long breath to calm myself down, I stood silently with my head bowed, thinking inside my head - Shits about to get real.

It was a few minutes before I looked up, solemnly saying, “Yes, I accept to be used and abused in any way deemed fit by you and your friends’ pleasure…. Mistress.”

“GOOD, then I accept YOU as my slave tonight, ERIN. Your safeword during play is yellow to pause and red to stop immediately and I will bring you to safety. UNDERSTOOD? ” Caittrin asked firmly.

“Yes, Mistress Caittrin…”

“GOOD GIRL” being slightly taller, Caittrin smiled as she looked up into my eyes.

From her handbag she took out a thick leather collar, simple and plain less the golden ring with the tag that read “bride-to-be” hanging in front. Her gaze never leaving mine, she secures the collar around my neck demonstrating her dominance over me, her friend. Next was the thin leather leash was hooked on and tugged firmly.

“YOU are in MY control, is that clear - ERIN?”

“Yes Mistress….” I said softly, nodding my head.

“Last thing…” She reach beneath her short dress and touched her self, coating her fingers with her pussy juices before bringing up my lips


I leaned in and cover her fingertips with my lips then slide then into my mouth licking gently at her juices, softly sucking them clean as she sealed my submission with her juices.

“Now you are MINE for the night, LITTLE GIRL,” Caittrin said smiling as I continue to clean her fingers seductively.


“Huh?” I said snapping back to reality as I stood there licking her fingers in the doorway.

“Here? But what if someone sees my body?” I asked, earning my second slap of the night.

“Your body is MINE TONIGHT, so let me worry about that. I don’t want to repeat myself again. STRIP, NOW LITTLE GIRL” Caittrin said curtly.

Nervously, I reach behind and slid my hand up my back to reach for the tiny zipper that would release the knee length silky black dress as the zipper trails my back down to my butt; leaving it simply dangling on my shoulders. Reaching to my shoulders, I slipped the thin straps off, letting gravity expose my underwear and to the cool air-conditioned corridor as the dress pool at my short three inches nude heels.

“GOOD GIRL, old underwear as instructed. At least you can follow SOME instructions,” Caittrin mentioned sarcastically.

“Hands behind your back, feet shoulder width apart, hold on to your forearms and show ME your sexy bust line, LITTLE GIRL.”

Quickly I got into position, glancing and listening nervously to the sounds of the corridor getting unusually loud, even the soft hum of the air-conditioner made my heart skip a beat. Caittrin reached inside her bag again and drew out a pair of old fashioned tailors scissors and position them between my ample bust.

“Slave don’t need underwear, DO THEY?” Caittrin sniggered as the blade now slid between my skin and the soft protective material that covered what modesty I had left.

With six deliberate snips, my bra and panties joined my clothes on the floor. My nipples harden at the cold air kissing it to life while cooling the wetness between my legs. Her cold hand forced a squirm out of me as she reached for my moist pussy, sliding in to feel my excitement and warmth before pulling out and licking my juices off her fingers.

“You’re already WET LITTLE GIRL, and I must say… yummy too.”

A mixed sensation filled my troubled mind as my degradation into her slave at the corridor, continued with her turning towards the door pulling out a key card.

[ t o  b e  c o n t i n u e d ]


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