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Experimenting Tech Adult Toys

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

It’s fascinating how the world is evolving so much that even the toys that we can use for play had changed for over a decade. I remember being a broke-ass student that’s not even legal enough to enter a sex toy store. If I remember correctly, you need to be above 21 to enter here in Singapore. Then again, it feels so awkward to even enter in case of prying eyes around.

There weren’t even many online options. Even if there is, it’s super expensive. Playing with My ex-cat during his conscription days or that worthless dog D was tough. I was forced to think harder on what are the simple everyday objects that can be used as toys. Not that I am complaining because after all, it's much fun if you can make do with what you have and you will just carve a memory for them. Every time when they use that object, they will always be reminded of Me. How sweet!

Anyway, ever since I began to do domination professionally, I’ve been collecting so many toys that I had to create an excel sheet to keep track of all of it. Sometimes it feels like I am a toy hoarder. I have My vanilla friends and sisters who had seen some of My toys and they think some are scary or intimidating. To be honest, I desensitise so much that sex toys or BDSM gears are just toys for Me to use on others for My pleasure.

I do have My personal toys but I enjoy stimulating My mind more playing with My playthings rather than stimulating My vagina. Hence, I don’t need men for sexual penetration. That’s perfectly fine too because that’s why some of us are into BDSM right? Vanilla doesn’t excite us anymore.

In My collection of adult toys, I have a combination of non-tech and tech items. However, I am much more particular when it comes to battery. Personally, I avoid those that require using AAA or AA battery so often or those that require you to plug into the wall socket while using and leaving wires all over the place like the old Hitachi wand. Back then when I first started out ProDomming, there aren’t as many choices as compared to now.

I still remember that one of the remote control cock ring vibrators that I had operates on infrared. I made painslut Z wore it throughout O/our journey when he sent Me to the airport. Apparently, when he unlocks his car using his key before O/our ride, it also activates the cock ring. He thought I was going to switch it on throughout the whole ride which I told him I didn’t even on it (yet). It was pretty hilarious!

Thankfully, there’s Bluetooth technology that comes to play these days. Even My tech subs are pretty amazed by the API. Of course, the application also needs to be secure too else it will end up like the chastity cage mess. Also, the UX is pretty decent.

While I was at Pink Lifestyle’s store located at Isetan Scotts Level Two in Singapore (Yes, it’s at the lingerie section of a department store. Yay!), I found brands that I’ve explored before such as We-Vibe and Lovense, tech toys that operate on Bluetooth. During Circuit Breaker a.k.a Lockdown (How fancy), I had My playthings to purchase on their own and wear it - Cock Ring or Butt Plug. From there, I’ll be able to control them while on Video Call with them to look at their expression. It’s definitely useful for those who are in a long-distance relationship or would like to have a public discreet play without having a dangling wire or holding a suspicious remote control in the train.

I also found toys from the same brands that could potentially replace My Magic Wand (Once it officially died on Me, but not yet). Something that is smaller yet powerful that have different attachments (Like what I have currently) especially when I’m travelling for play session dates. Fortunately, I found something similar but even much exciting yet different (Will reveal it later!)

Some of you may know how obsessed I am with Japanese products. Even for My daily vanilla products and My real dog name is in Japanese too. When Don Don Donki first arrived in Singapore, I was so excited because they’re bringing in sex toys. Now, I have more Japanese adult toys options because Pink Lifestyle brought in loads more options. A brand that doesn’t need any further introduction will be ‘TENGA’ which is made for those with dicks.

There's also the feminine counterpart that TENGA created that I discovered while I’m there and they named it ‘IROHA’. Reminds Me of how Japanese refer to some explicit words as 'Ero'. It’s so discreet and looks oh so sophisticated. I just love adult toys that don’t look like it’s screaming right in your face ‘ I AM A SEX TOY’.

It’s definitely handy if you would like to bring it out and fap in a public toilet. Imagine if you’re digging out things in your bag (Like how I always do) and it accidentally reveals itself. Or, if you’re a couple and don’t want your kids to discover your collection of toys if they sneak into your bedroom (Like Me). I used to sneak into My parents’ bedroom during My teen days and accidentally found My dad’s collection of porn CDs and My mum’s non-functional rabbit even when I tried putting in batteries. Oh well.

As I promised earlier, I found a toy that intrigues Me (That’s My sissy slave H’s leg btw, not Mine). I know this type of product exists before (Different brand) because Cyrus asked Me to get it for him too since I’m carting out from Australia. However, I didn’t know TENGA made them too. I know people call it masturbator but I will always refer it to ‘Onahole’. It’s not just your typical masturbator that you still have to use effort to jerk off.

I can charge it with MicroUSB cable plugging into the dock + transparent cover and it blends so perfectly with the interior because it looks like a decoration or Bluetooth speaker. Once I’m ready to torture you, I will put lube inside it and stick your dick in with a condom because I don’t want you to make a mess inside if you can’t control. All I have to do is to press a button to vibrate. Effortless! Unfortunately, I will still need to use My hands to press the panels to squeeze your worthless puny dick so it will be much tighter.

I’ve tried it on several playthings and all of them (Except for one because we played too much electro before that lol) came too fast or I will purposely ruin their orgasm after seeing their facial expression and body language. Best of all, it’s handsfree so I can just walk away and get My cup of tea while you’re there tied up, suffering and dying to cum for Me.

Before I left Pink Lifestyle’s Isetan Scotts store, I saw a candle at the counter and never expected LELO to make candles because I thought they only make vibrators. Nevertheless, it smells soooooo good (Sissy Slave H says it smells like yakult grape lol) but the packaging says 'Bordeaux and Chocolate'. Best of all, it’s made of soy wax.

I tried on Pet Q’s vanilla friend when we’re chilling out in My lair’s outdoor space one night and apparently, she thinks it just feels like warm water. Keyword: Warm. It’s doesn’t even feel like hot water. I did make a comparison with all My other candles and yes, this is the least painful candle I have (for now). No excuse for anyone to not try this LELO candle muahahaha but really, this is a good starter candle for those who are afraid of wax play but still curious to try.

Since you’ve read this far (I know it’s lengthy with all My random thoughts), here’s some bonus for you. Been a while since I had My last giveaway and yay, it’s back!

I’ve so many toys that I own but My favourites will always be those that are worthy for Me to bring during My travels. Before the pandemic, I used to tour to different cities and luggage space is always limited. I will always have to think about what to bring.

Some of the criteria must include lightweight, portable and versatile. One of the toys that fit is called ‘Sync’ by We-Vibe. Fun Fact: It can be used on all genders - Both solo and while with someone else. As mentioned earlier, for those who enjoy the discreet public play, it’s purrfect because you can just use your mobile phone x Bluetooth for remote control *insert internal evil laughter*

To take part in this toy vibe giveaway (Singapore entries only):

  1. A must to follow both Me (@mistresscaittrin.jpg) and (@pinklifestylesg) Instagram page.

  2. Like My giveaway post and comment your sneaky thoughts if you have the chance to use it for yourself or while with someone.

Multiple entries allowed to increase your chance of winning. The most creative answer will win! (Please censor some -ahem- words, to escape from IG censorship please)

I will pick one winner on 24th January 2021 (Sunday) 2359h (GMT+8).

All the best!

The above giveaway vibe is specially handpicked by Me for you and many thanks to the folks at Pink Lifestyle for the generosity! Alternatively, you can just walk into any of their two physical stores or just shop at their online store which ships Internationally: and purchase it.


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