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[Erotica] The Job - Part 1

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

“Dear Quek,

We have looked through your profile and we are very impressed at what you have achieved. We at Cyber Women Association would like to invite you down to our office for an interview next Monday at 9 am. Please note that this is a formal interview and despite this being a technical role, we’d expect you to be dressed formally for the interview. Looking forward to meeting you.”

Oh finally, a job interview amidst this COVID-19 period. Countless times have I been denied an interview due to companies cutting down on employment costs during this COVID-19 period. I just graduated out of university and had been living on my own at a rented apartment for about 3 months now. Rent was catching up, my savings were dwindling away, and my motivation in life was at an all-time low. I’ve been stuck at home trying to apply for jobs and praying for the best. This job interview was going to change everything and I was prepared to do whatever it took to get this job.

So came Monday - I woke up at 6 am, took a warm shower, shaved my overly-grown facial hair, styled my hair, put on my contact lenses which I haven’t worn in quite a while, put on a nice white formal shirt which I bought quite a while back for work-related but never really had a chance to take it out due to the lack of interviews, and a nice pair of formal black pants. I thought for a while on whether I should put on a necktie and eventually decided to put on a blue satin necktie to finish up the formal look.

Took a Grab down to the office and I reached the lobby at about 8:45 am, loitered around nervously outside the unit number that was provided to me. Based on the environment, it feels like Cyber Women Association was just a simple organisation, which meant probably around a below-average salary at most, still, the job was something that I desperately needed. Just as I was calming myself down for the interview, a poised and demure looking woman wearing a simple baby pink dress opens the door.

“Hi, Quek right? My name is Alicia come on in, the Lady Boss is expecting you.”

We shook hands and I sheepishly made my way through the door, still feeling butterflies in my stomach and not knowing what to expect. The office looks nice and smells pleasant, with a couple of desks and only a few computers around. I didn’t see any other humans around, only Alicia who gestured me towards some isolated room in the corner.

“The Lady Boss is expecting you in the meeting room, please go on in.”

As I enter the meeting room, I get taken aback by what seems to be the Lady Boss of the company. Spotting a full business attire with a black bralette along with a black tailored blazer and a black pencil skirt, her aura just reeked of alpha.

“Take a seat, Quek.”, she pointed towards the chair opposite her.

“Thank you”. I nervously took my seat, slowly and carefully pulling the chair out mindful not to make any moves that might leave her with a bad impression and jeopardise my chance at this interview. The meeting room was designed in such a way that nobody could peek into the room nor could people from the outside peek inside, with just a wooden door that separated the rest of the office from it.

“I’m impressed with what you’ve accomplished and I’ve reviewed your projects on Github and looked through your Linkedin”. I’m just wondering whether your interpersonal and human skills are up to the challenge”. She remarks and gives me a look, studying my facial expression as though I were an object of analytical interest.

“Sorry Miss Caittrin Lee, but what do you mean?”, I questioned with a confused look on my face.

“Mmm, I’m impressed, you’ve done your research and you know my name even though I haven’t revealed that to you.”

“Ermmm, thank you. To be honest, I am kind of desperate for a job due to the COVID-19 situation so I really did whatever I could to prepare for this interview”

“Mmm, an honest one. I like you already, but before I can decide to hire you, I would need to test out your interpersonal skills. You see, your job would involve you performing a lot of human services and I want to make sure you represent our company to the best you can. Do you think you’re up to the challenge?”

“I will do my best”. At this point, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but all I knew was that I wanted this job badly, not just because I actually needed a salary, but there was something about Caittrin’s aura that attracted me. On the outside, she just seemed like an ordinary office lady but when you actually interact with her, she exudes this aura of dominance that just overtakes your mind.

“Good boy. Do you trust me?”


Without uttering a word, she stood up from her seat, went over behind me and opened the drawer that was right under the table. As she came closer I could smell her overpowering feminine scent, with my heart pounding faster and faster and her footsteps drew closer.

“Now, I want you to close your eyes, put your hands on the armrest and lean your legs against the legs of the chair. Don’t open your eyes until I instruct you to.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, I did as she instructed, appreciating her scent even more with my eyes closed, all the while my mind racing, thinking about what she was trying to achieve with this test.

“Click, click, click, click”

Some piece of chilly metal touched my wrists and ankles as I heard four clicks, one at each limb. I desperately wanted to open my eyes but I remember her instructions to keep them closed until told otherwise.

“You may now open your eyes.”

As I slowly peeled my eyes open, my eyes once again re-adapting to the light, I looked down at my wrists and ankles and to my surprise, I was handcuffed to the chair that I was seated on. I look at her and just as I was about to open my mouth, Caittrin leans over the table and puts a finger on my lip.

“Sssssh, you shall not speak until I tell you to. If you do not wish to continue with this shake your head and I’ll come over, undo the handcuffs. You’ll leave this room and head to the exit, missing your chance at this job forever. So, what shall it be?”

In my head, I thought long and hard, not about whether I needed this job but about what Caittrin was up to. This interview was totally unexpected and maybe I was thinking with the thing between my legs and not the one on my head, but I wanted to continue. My mind was filled with lewd thoughts of what was going on and I found myself getting hard and horny by what was happening.

“You ain’t shaking your head, so I’d take it that you wish to proceed on with this interview”.

Caittrin grabs on to my necktie and pulls me forward, jerking me forward as she leans in close to my face. My heart races with her face so close to mine.

“You know, most of the other candidates I interviewed casually ignored my instructions to put on formal attire for the interview, thinking they’re so great and mighty that tech guys shouldn’t bother with the attire. Most of them just come in some random polo shirt and jeans. I don’t reject them right off the bat but I give them some random interview and pretend to be getting back to them when in fact, I never had any interest in them. You’re the first boy to actually follow my instructions so well and for that, you get the chance of going through the real interview. Your salary would be double the average of a typical fresh grad’s pay per month, but be prepared to actually sell your soul to the company. While your skillset is important, your commitment is something that I’m more interested in. With that said, I now give you permission to speak, simply answer yes or no on whether you would like to continue with this interview.”

My eyes lit up as she mentioned the numbers, this was way above what I had expected. But, I was still worried and anxious about what she meant by “sell your soul to the company”, but for someone who was living by himself, what did I have to lose? I never had a girlfriend and studying such a “nerdy” course, I was deemed a loser by society. What was there to lose?

“Yes, I would like to continue with this interview”.

A light slap comes across my face, nothing painful, but just shocking, and a gentle reminder that she, Caittrin was in charge.

“I said a simple yes or no, that was too many words. This slap is just a warning, make the same mistake again and you would regret it. Also from now on, you shall address me as Goddess and not Miss Caittrin”, she said with a stern voice, still holding onto that necktie as though it were a leash.

“Yes Goddess”.

..... To be Continued

Part 2 is scheduled to publish in Virtual Stabe. Join as a member here.


This erotica is written and submitted by Pet Q, a member of the virtual stable. Vetted by Mistress Caittrin.


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