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Double the Trouble with Mistress Alice

For those who are (not) aware yet, I am currently in Hong Kong for tour. I don’t like to jam packed My schedule for sessions because I do need a breather. Wondering what am I doing when I am not domming? Meeting new and old friends during events and of course, the local friendly Dommes to complete My kinky trip!

I was recommended by a sub who served Me many months back and he told Mistress Alice about Me. Was so excited to meet her and We have plans for double Domme soon! Keep a look out boys 😈

Highly educated and gorgeous blonde English lady, she is known for her beautiful feet and I’m sure you will be blessed to be underneath Us.

I will be back this weekend before I am off for My Australia tour. If you want to have a chat with Me in real life, do join this Sunday’s munch. Looking forward!

With Love,

Mistress Caittrin


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