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Depravity - Feet and Heels Worship

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Explore Femdom and Alternative Lifestyle. An exclusive invitation to My universe, only if you deserve My attention. Then, be an obedient plaything before I invite My Femme Confidante to manipulate you for Our gratification.

- - - -

[ D E P R A V I T Y ]

A collaboration with My kink friends - Supermuse, Mike and KnightinRopes. Also thanks to photographer/videographer Stickmann for allowing Me to explore My creative direction and making it a reality.

ps. SFW cut version

- - - -

Recently, I've been pretty obsessed with heels and feet. If you've not caught up with My virtual presence in Twitter/Instagram, here are some pictures that you've missed out.

Share with Me your favourite design of heels! x


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2 commentaires

Sissy Kelli
Sissy Kelli
13 nov. 2020

Mistress Caittrin, that video was charged with pure sexual energy. I’m not a foot fetishist, but I am starting to understand the appeal. Please share more with your fans


Your feet are one of the world's wonder. I don't really like high heel because I find your feet already perfect.

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