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5 Love Languages: Two Way Traffic with your Mistress

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

What's your Love Language?

I always believed that certain love language has some co-relation to yourself as a sub and personality.

1. Words of Affirmation

2. Quality Time

3. Receiving Gifts

4. Acts of Service

5. Physical Touch

Try to Google for it and take a quiz. What's your top two? Would love to hear what's yours!

A sissy sub of Mine doesn't have a talent so s(he) took up a nail grooming course to do manicure and pedicure for Me. Personally, I don't go to nail parlours to risk Myself to germs. I rather do it by Myself.

It is a relief to delegate the duties to someone else and that's how a sub is useful to a Mistress. Based on the love language - Acts of Service. To make Her life simpler. I do accept fetishists especially leather and latex enthusiasts to maintain My wardrobe but always be clear in the beginning if you're not a sub.

Sneak peek of My high arch feet during a pedicure by Pet R

It doesn't have to do with beauty aspects only. It can also be cooking, maintaining My edible garden and jacuzzi in My lair. Alternatively, present yourself in the field that you're good in - Technology, Engineering and more to assist Me in My daily life. This is Acts of Service. you find gratification when you fulfil someone's needs by providing your time, skill and service. Of course, the other person feel appreciated for such acts and not go unnoticed.

Unless you're really hopeless but still wish to serve Me, financial servitude or gifting to Me the things that I need or want is the best way to upkeep My lifestyle. One of My favourite sub's love language is giving gifts. He finds satisfaction when I receive gifts.

Most importantly, physical touch is My main language of love. In this era of almost everything is digital, there is no way to replace such physical interactions.


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