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A Trip to Singapore, My first Domme

It was my second time in Hong Kong.

The first time was several years ago and I was on vacation with my sister and her boyfriend. We did a lot of sightseeing and ate a lot of Chinese food. We also met a former friend who took us around. Of course, since my sister came along we did a lot of shopping.

This time I came along and it was a business trip. I was going to stay almost a whole month by myself. It is such a lovely city. Great food and I love walking around there.But I was eventually a little bored, so I went online one evening.

I read lots of newspapers and other interesting articles. I also found a couple of good movies on youtube that I watched. I forget them now, but they were typical Chinese movies with a lot of fighting from the old days. Lots of big armies and lots of killing.

Afterwards, I started surfing with no particular goal in mind. But there came up a website which looked like a porn website. Not exactly what I like watching, but I got curious when I saw this link to a girl from Singapore.

So there I found her, and she looked very exciting.

I read the things she wrote and looked at the links. Actually there were many things there that caught my attention. First of all the fact that she was writing about BDSM. So I looked it up, Bondage-Dominance-Sado-Masochism. These things really appealed to me. And all the things that she is into.

Orgasm control and post orgasm torture. I always wondered what happens if you continue after orgasm, since you get rather sore from it. I also liked that she is using ropes for restraints. I always wanted to be tied up by a girl. And while tied up, being abused in some way.

In fact I had fantasized about being tied up naked to a tree. And with lost of mosquitos in the air. And a girl who enjoyed seeing me squirm and beg for mercy.

I also saw she is interested in discipline and having slaves. This also struck me as something I wanted to try. I thought I should try to contact her. Her email address was listed so I sent her a message. There was no answer for several days.

I was getting closer to the end of my stay, so I started to think that this was never going to happen. It was a disappointing feeling. But I thought maybe it was the best after all not to get into this kind of experience. I should just return home and continue with my job and forget this all together. It was perhaps not something that would be good for me. I certainly didn't think that I could do something similar back in the US. But finally an answer came.

It was a brief message and it came just before going to bed and at the time I had only 5 days left of my stay in Hong Kong. She said she wanted to meet me and we agreed to meet in front of my hotel three days later. Needless to say I looked very much forward to the meeting. Before we met, in those few days we exchanged also some ideas about what we liked to to. She loves to read and is very knowledgeable. She also likes good food, a thing we share.

It was 7 pm that evening when she got out of the taxi in front of my hotel. It was a beautiful petite Singapore girl standing in front of me. This time I could see her lovely face, that she hides so much when she is online. It was even more lovely than I had imagined. She actually also looked really sexy. But of course, sex was completely out of the question.

As she made clear online, she has strict limits of what she wants to do. And I have to say some of those things also gross me out. For example that she does not want grown ups to play babies and use diapers. And I don't even want to know what Roman and Brown showers are. But it sounds pretty disgusting. And of course, nothing illegal such as for example drugs. I never in my life have used drugs.

When it comes to playing with knives, I have to say I am rather afraid of something going wrong so consequences can be quite terrible, so I surely agree with her to stay far away from knife play or playing with needles for that matter. Also to switch roles with her so I will be the dominating one, would be so against my nature. It would be no point even trying that.

There are some things she likes that I hope she wont do to me. She likes to fuck your behind with a dildo. I think that would be really painful and I'm pretty sure I will have no enjoyment from that. I guess she is tougher than me in many ways. Which I think is a good thing of course.

On the other hand she asks online:

Do you know anal pleasure on men is the best experience you'll ever have? That one makes me really curious. Am I missing something by my ignorance?

In fact when I read more, I get more and more curious. Butt plugs - I have a hard time guessing what is the purpose of those and how they are used. And then she has the mysterious statement about it: Ideal for beginners. Training your way up, opening up your tight little ass. Soon, I can control your pleasure at my fingertips with just a push of a button.

I'm really curious about this.

We went over to the elevator and up to the 9th floor where we entered my room.

She had a bag with her, probably containing a few exiting things. I would find out later. I had told her that I would be very happy if she tied my up so tight that I had no way to escape. And she told me to undress and lie down on the bed while she got herself ready.

I obeyed of course, and was lying there in great anticipation. Actually I thought she took a long time, but I told myself that she is in charge and I had to be patient.

After a while she came into the room carrying some very solid ropes. She carefully tied me with them, and made a good point out of the fact that they were completely tight, and I was unable to free myself. I was definitely completely in her power and there is nothing I could do to protect myself.

It was a very exciting situation. I was in a totally submissive position and she could do anything when wanted with me. And this is great, because she has a strong dominant nature and will surely take advantage of the situation I am in. Hopefully getting some pleasure from controlling me. I know she likes to travel to meet other dominant girls and I hope they make sure they learn to enjoy what they do.

Again and again she stimulated me and brought me to the edge. But every time she reminded me that I had to stop before it happened. Her erotic sexual denial drove me out of my mind again and again and again.

This is the kind of cruelty I really enjoyed experiencing. I knew I could have ignored her commands and got myself over the edge. But it was the strong force of my submissive nature that made me obey her command and avoid the edge.

She also sat over me, covering my face and I was scared as she maybe wanted to choke me. Choking is a scary thing. On the one hand I want her to choke me, but I know it is also very dangerous and could end up very wrong. It is in such a situation I really need to trust her and that she knows what she is doing.

She also had this smile when she tortured me, while I still was tied up. I think that is a sign that she enjoyed herself. She enjoyed hurting me. And that makes it even more exciting.

My nipples got real sore. She did a solid CBT as well, and burned me with hot wax. Maybe for that she could have been even more cruel. I thought she was a little too gentle with me. Next time I will ask her to be mercyless.

Towards the end she commanded me into the shower and laughed as she peed all over me. It was utter humiliation. But humiliation I wanted very much.

My biggest fear is that Mistress Caittrin will blackmail me. She of course does not do that. But she knows I have this scare and she played on it. She gave me over the session more and more private details about me that I thought she couldn't know. But she clearly had prepared well before the session and gave me the scare again and again.

At the end, she smeared some lipstick on me and it got on the bedsheets. No complaint from the hotel people fortunately.

Recently we became friends on wechat. It was nice to be in contact her after we had met. And she was very ok for us to just be friends and exchange messages. Just to talk about day to day things.

And she mentioned that I would be allowed to submit to her virtually. I was very happy with the idea. As a sub she would require things from me that I had to obey. She didn't saying anything about what kind of things but I agreed to submit.

I asked her if I would be her sub forever or if it was possible to escape. She said of course I can escape if I can't handle it. I also asked her if there is a safe word for virtual subs, and she said of course there is.

And as one of my tasks, to tell you about her and me, this is what I am writing now.

Now I wonder what will happen as I am her virtual sub. She will give me daily tasks. I am thinking about what she might do. There are ways to control me on a distance. I imagined in a nightmare what would happen if she asks me for a password. Then in that case, I could be really really scared. She could change my password, making it impossible for me to access for example my email. Then I am in her power until she changes the password back so I can get in again.

It would be very difficult for me to do many things I need to do in daily life. Fortunately I have several email accounts, but still.

And even if she gives me my password for my email back, she might force me to first give her another password. Then she just controls something else after I get my email back. And there is no stopping there. There are so many passwords needed these days.

And then she might demand a credit card in return for giving me my password back. I am totally out of control of my own life. Fortunately for me, I woke up from the nightmare and it never happened. But then maybe I should not tell her that nightmare. Maybe she thinks it would be fun to try just that Fortunately I think she is quite nice and after all she always respects your safe word. Of course, if I forget my safe word, that is another story. I easily forget.

In any case I like to be her sub. And I like the feeling of being helpless under her control. And I hope she will show me soon many different ways that she will exercise this control.


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