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If you are seeking to just jerk off to pictures and videos of Me or do tasks with expecting something in return, I trust that you are not meant for Me. I do not exist solely for your own pleasure. 

Do you seek for a Domme's attention? Does My way of life resonate with you? Are you mesmerised by My beauty, eloquence, creativity and My multi-talented self? I am not just a Dominatrix behind closed doors.

It is time for you to worship Me and be part of My ever-growing journey into the world of kink and living as an alpha woman in vanilla life. 


Dive deeper into My lifestyle

your servitude for Me is not a sprint, it's a marathon

Earn your way up, show your devotion and gain My attention

Let Me welcome you into My virtual stable where you'll be given access to contents such as thought-provoking weekly slave tasks, voyeur My private pictures, contribute erotica and many more. Do note that quality interactions with Me will earn your way up and if you really deserve it, soon - Be one of My favourites plaything.

To gain access to My virtual stable, kindly provide a contribution fee to support My efforts to maintain the website, My endless time and effort, solely run by Me. Ah yes, your dear Mistress Caittrin knows UX and coding.



Gain access to My Virtual Stable for

- Weekly Slave Task

- View My archives & non-public contents

(Pictures, Videos, Erotica, Diary & etc)

- Earn points to level up

- Direct Messaging (Limited)

- Preferential rates for chastity keyholding & distance training


3 Months Access - SGD38

Lifetime Access - SGD98


Everything from ADMIRE +

- Bonus points to level up

- Selective Private Slave Task

- Direct Messaging (Priority)

- Preferential rates for private servitude session & priority slot availability

- Complimentary Chastity Keyholding


3 months Access - SGD198

Lifetime Access - SGD398


1. Make a contribution to Me via Gift Voucher here -


Kindly state remarks ' Scones & Earl Grey - servecaittrin@gmail.com '

2. After completion of the contribution, sign up for an account by clicking the button below ' Login | create account button '.

3.  Once verified, your sign up will be approved manually once I've access to a desktop and you can log in to My virtual stable.

4. Devote to Me and earn your way up. Badges will be awarded tagged to your profile if I believe you've impressed Me enough. All the best!

With Loads of Love,

Caittrin Lee