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Do you seek for a Mistress attention? Does My way of life resonates with you? Are you mesmerised by My beauty, eloquence, creativity and My multi-talented self? I am not just a domme behind closed doors.


It is time for you to worship Me virtually and be part of My Femdom life.

Get access to the slave exclusive pages (Eg. Femdom lifestyle blog, private photo gallery, videos, interact with Me and etc) by contributing a fee and supporting My efforts to maintain the website, solely run by Me. Ah yes, your dear Mistress Caittrin knows UX and coding.




How do I gain exclusive access?

1. Make a contribution to Me of your choice via  PAYPAL   or  GIFT VOUCHER .

to servecaittrin@gmail.com. Contribute £30 (minimum) for a lifetime slave exclusive membership access. Remarks should be ' Scones and Earl Grey '.


2. If you've completed the contribution, sign up for an account by clicking the above ' Login | create account button '.

3.  Once verified, your sign up will be approved and you can log in to access My virtual stable.