Caittrin Lee is a BDSM educator and executive coach that specialises in erotic interactions. Also, a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming & Hypnosis practitioner accredited by The American Board of NLP-Hypnotherapy and practices Time Line Therapy™.
A sex-positive & kink-allied therapist. She connects with respectful individuals and couples regardless of gender and sexuality. Caittrin accepts selected media/press/interviews at Her discretion.



For males, certain habits in life may lead to concentration issue such as excessive masturbation. Do you have constant communication breakdown when with females?
Perhaps, getting rid of non-consensual voyeur addiction before it's too late with criminal records?

Seeking to change, ready for behaviour correction? The journey is not an easy one but with perseverance, you'll be able to change for the better.
At times, the same feeling constantly sabotages success and happiness. It is important to fully clear the negative emotions or trauma attached to events in the past. Heal yourself by getting in touch with your sexuality and through BDSM.
Perhaps, vanilla sexual encounter seems mundane in your relationship and you're seeking to explore kink with your partner but unsure how to move forward into implementing this lifestyle.






It's understandable that it gets frustrating at times getting stuck in a typical vanilla sexual routine as a couple. Perhaps, the lack of desire to plan for success in the bedroom to please each other after a tiring day in your high-performance career.
Seeking to spice up the bedroom fun or perhaps that rare staycation to fulfill each other fantasies, would you consider inviting in a Professional Dominatrix rather than swiping endlessly on dating apps or forum ads to find a reliable third person?
Use this opportunity to learn more about your partner and also discover the realm of BDSM. It can be a therapeutic relaxation scene, a raunchy one or maybe, just theory with some practical. Every encounter and couple is different. What's yours?
* Word-of-mouth referrals will receive preferential rates.
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