Is this your first time into BDSM or to serve a Domme? I have a soft spot for novices and I'll be excited to guide you through if you are willing to learn. I strongly encourage you to read My guide on kink fundamentals & My etiquette page.

If you care to impress your sapiophile Mistress, you may consider to do your homework by reading My public diary or learn more about My universe.



Once you're ready, you may begin your first connection with Me. I will need to know who I will be meeting beforehand. Also, to assess whether O/our chemistry and compatibility matches before I allow you to serve Me and play in real-time.

Do note that I do not provide a service. I offer you the opportunity to serve a modern-day Renaissance Lady with an alternative lifestyle.

If you are looking for a service-based Domme to dominate you and fulfill your temporary kink fix or reenact that fantasy you watch from p*rngraphy, I am not the Lady for you. My methods are entirely different than an average fetish provider. This is not a quick money making job for Me.



I value genuine power exchange and long-term D/s relationship connection. Being worshiped by playthings who appreciate for who I am - Both in vanilla and kink. Quality over quantity, always.


I look forward to your genuine servitude, regardless of your experience level, and let’s see where O/our journey takes us to. I welcome respectful individuals/couples from all genders, marital status, nationalities and races. I do not tolerate time wasters, bad manners and excessive annoyance.



However, My time and energy is precious and will only direct My attention to plaything-to-be that is worth to build a connection with - Emotional, spiritual and physical level. Guiding you, slowly and firmly but never micromanage.

Time with Me is private and discreet. Pain or leaving marks is not compulsory, it's a choice. Boundaries, discretion, hygiene, safety and consent are always respected.

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