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What is a Tribute?


It is not a payment or fee. It is a gift to Me to show gratitude for My precious time, effort and knowledge. Your tributes are greatly appreciated as it is a contribution to My funds of investing into BDSM education, safety and contributing on My collection of kink wardrobe, toys, venue and so on.

Never pass to Me your tributes/cash as it is. That sight to Me is rude. It should be handed over to
in an unsealed envelope with the exact amount in cash and no coins based on the currency of the city that W/we're playing in (Eg. Singapore - SGD, Hong Kong - HKD, Sydney - AUD).



Serve Me in Real-Time


Your first rendezvous with Me will touch on My core interests if it aligns with your kinks too. Rewards need to be earned.

* A non-refundable deposit is required to secure My precious time with you and also allows Me to plan ahead. Kindly arrive on time and allow an additional approximately 15 to 30 minutes buffer period on top of your play duration for you to shower, settle down and aftercare which is complimentary.


Tribute rates per hour differs depending on duration. It is fixed regardless of your kinks. It will only be revealed to you if your application to serve Me is successful as it depends on current FX from My Singapore base rates. Rule of thumb, it gets better if you spend more time with Me.


Ideally, sending your credentials and references from other Dominatrices. Your information will be kept confidential with Me and it is only for screening purposes for My safety and will trash away after O/our meet.



Bring Me out for a Meal Date


My time is precious. I limit My screen time and do not chat with you online unless necessary. I prefer real life interactions and at My convenience. I accept meal dates if you've served Me before. No tribute is required. However, you will have to fork out for My meal cost whether I'm in Singapore or travelling in your city.

If you've not served Me before in a play session, a meal date including a tribute is required in exchange of My precious time. Only applicable if you're in Singapore. You will have to handover in an unsealed envelope (or bank transfer) and not hongbao, hidden in a book or gift bag. [SGD288] excluding My meal cost will entitle you to a maximum of 3 hours of My precious time and My travel fare.

You can also use this opportunity to consult about your kinks or how you can introduce Femdom to your partner. I do not chat only kink topics. Feel free to have a conversation with Me over games, IT, politics,
fintech, psychology, social disparity and more. Kindly direct your interest to meet Me for a chat via email.

If you do not want to meet Me for a meal or contribute a tribute, check the list of events that I'm attending through Fetlife. When I'm attending an event, it is for
Me to socialise and catch up with My fellow kinky friends. Do not expect Me
to talk to you all the time.


Who I am in social setting is entirely different when I'm in My play headspace. I believe that identifying Myself as a Domme does not entitle Me to be imperious at all times.


Chastity Keyholding


I will use you for My own pleasure.

Even if you're away, you will be chaste and pure for Me in your chastity.


If you choose to be locked for less than 14 days, it will be [ SGD28 / £18 ] a day. The longer you devote to Me, it will be [ SGD128 / £78 ] per week, 2 weeks minimum. If you choose to exit before the agreed date, a penalty of [ SGD88 / £58 ] will be imposed and the remaining tributes that was prepaid is non-refundable.


I will conduct chastity inspection or task(s) at random during the time when you're locked. Be prepared to show proof. If you agree with this arrangement, a full payment will be required with your preferred duration. You may choose to be in metal lock where you will be handing ALL keys to Me in real life (In Singapore) or plastic padlock if you're miles away from where I am.


Kindly email your interest for chastity keyholding to mistresscaittrin@gmail.com