To Serve is Divine

Updated: Apr 6

To serve in real time takes courage. I appreciate those who have given Me the opportunity to take away their virginity with their first experience meeting a Domme.

Femdom isn’t just play all the time. There’s more to it if you’re willing to open your heart, soul and mind to learn.

My wants before your needs.

Fulfilling what I crave for is your satisfaction.

Be grateful for the opportunity.

Time & Priority

How much time do I have? How much time do you have? How much time do W/we have? There’s only so much that one can do within 24 hours in a day and 168 hours in a week.

I am not an option just because you’re suddenly available. By the time you remember that I exist just to have your moment of fun, I’ve channeled My time to only those who will put in effort for Me. Setting aside their time, syncing with Mine to fully devote to Me.

Vanilla life do gets O/our way almost all the time but it’s all about what’s on your priority list. Do you really wish to serve as a submissive or are you just a spur of the moment pleasure seeker?


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