The Next Chapter,

I am thankful for the beautiful and positive friendships I have for the past few months. I remembered that I had to rely on My tripod to snap pictures of Me. Yes, I do not have a photographer back then for those who assume that there’s always a sub taking a picture for Me all the time. In reality, no.

In the recent month, My kinky good friend introduced his photog friend who would like to explore and I gave him the opportunity. When we first met to snap photos (Me & Cyrus anniversary shoot -The scene before we shot was too funny lol) He knows what I want and ever since then, I trust him to shoot for Me whenever he have pockets of time.

There are many cases when other photogs request to take pictures of Me but I rejected them because I felt they are just taking advantage of who I am.

Here’s Me hanging out with his girlfriend. I thought that we can totally relate and she reminds Me of My younger self. I am also thankful to meet new subs that we can totally hangout beyond play. That’s the kind of Mistress/sub relationship that I really cherish.

I won’t be around hosting in Singapore till late April. I can’t wait to meetup with other Dommes, kinky communities and of course, subservient subs who are eager to serve Me for who I am.

I will be less active online prior to and while I’m travelling but I know you can’t wait to see the fun I’m having. Bye Singapore! 😂

Hello Hong Kong, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne (Perhaps Wellington if time permits).

With loads of love,



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