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Updated: Apr 6

If you’ve met Me in real life at kink events, I love to troll people who I’ve never met before and introduce Myself as a newbie especially in munches.

Apparently, this guy didn’t fall for it LOL

- - -

Convo went like this -

Guy: Hello! I’m (insert his FL handle here) Nice to meet you.

Me: Hi~ Nice to meet you too! I’m Rin and I’m a newbie. It’s My first time here at the munch. *People around Me were rolling their eyes*

Guy: You mean Rin as in Caittrin?

Me: Errrrrr yeaaaa how do you know?

Guy: *Explains himself and confess that he reads My tumblr blog*

Me: Then you should know who he is *points to the guy next to Me*

Oh, he’s Cyrus

(Well, that’s because I had to drag him out to catch up with people)

So the rope guy (Owner of M0ri) was telling Cyrus “I know you just want to hide behind and not get noticed”

- - -

A leather dom introduces Me to this gorgeous lady and she also told Me that she read My tumblr blog too.

I wonder how many more silent readers like them out there.

Can’t wait to fly more this year and meet other communities worldwide!


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