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Updated: Apr 6

For those who have not been in My radar, it's been half a year since I told Myself I will be doing domming full-time. Some of you have read from My tumblr blog last year that I've moved on to a vanilla job. Unfortunately, I've set that aside (Even though it throws to me a 6-figure income monthly). I felt I needed to focus and strive to be a better Domme than I used to be and because of that, it enables me to free up more time to communicate with subs and the kink community apart from doing my daily vanilla tasks - Taking care of the household, rescuing more furry creatures and volunteering for some random organisations.

I wouldn't say I live a carefree life but it makes Me calm despite living in a hustle and bustle city. Unfortunately, I don't go for unnecessary shopping spree unless I've been eyeing on it for a really long time. Now I don't have a specific wishlist to grant so I'm just going to throw the money to My personal investments and setting up My own play space in the future (For those who's wondering where My tributes go to LOL).

I am well aware that I've been posting more pictures than My kinky stories than usual (because I've got too many concepts to turn it into reality), yes I've got more outfits/themes planned. I will be writing again soon when I have more inspirations. I do have stories submission for the past months. If you do have burning stories to share, feel free to send it to Me.

For the past months, I've given up falling into the trap of social media psychology where the number of visible likes/reblogs/retweets justifies how "likeable" or "popular" you are. I figured out slowly that I have more active but silent readers than what I imagined. Subs who have followed Me since My early days of blogging. How do I get to know that? Subs who put in the courage to communicate with Me be it online or offline. At the end of the day, it's about self-acceptance and love. If you don't appreciate yourself and the things you do, how can you trust to embrace others?

Meeting up with My followers been really soothing My soul. I could talk about anything under the sun from kink to random things or how they discovered Me. They're really nice and engaging to me. I am thankful and glad that to meet subs who appreciate My presence.

The following screenshots and conversations are approved/given permission to publish. So here it goes!

Remember I shared about how I went to a local munch in Singapore and he knew who I was despite pretending to be a newbie? Yes, here's his thoughts.

Earlier this week, My long time sissy follower transferred Me some money (I know I'm not into the Findom aspect ever since I left My ex-cat). I was touched and shocked at the same time because I didn't expect it at all.

I would like to thank My silent readers for opening up and trusting Me, to confide their kinks, interests and sharing other topics. That's the best joy I could have. I know I can't be replying to all of you at all times because I do need My own space and time but I will do My best to reply wholeheartedly. I have the tendency to read the messages once it arrives but choose not to reply immediately because it may end up being fast - Reply for the sake of replying.

Have a great weekend ahead everyone! x


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