Reflection & Goals

It's been a roller coaster ride in 2018. To sum up about what happened this year -

* I got My new freelance vanilla job but I ended up spending most of the time building a Femdom community in Tumblr and focusing as a Dominatrix

* A new partner-in-crime for double domme aka Mistress Roze. We shared the same kinks and thoughts. It's a pleasure to coordinate with her during play session and outside too.

* A slow discovery who are My real friends are or people who I can truly trust - Cutting off the toxic and drama. I got into an emotional breakdown earlier part of the year because of that but a light healer (Meeting her for the first time) managed to rescue Me. People don't treat you as their priority but that's okay cause I should focus and spend My time and energy to those who will. Those who don't will eventually leave. I am known to give so much effort to people but not everyone will appreciate it or reciprocate the same way.

* Thankful to meet subs who believes for who I am and it's a great journey exploring with them - Both in real time sessions and outside just for casual meal meets, especially when we have connection.

* Last of all, thanks to My personal Slaves - Cyrus and Peter for your service during the past year. Providing Me both emotional and physical support everyday. Hope we can strive better in our D/S dynamics for this coming year.

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What's My goals in 2019?

* Create a bigger community worldwide under My wing, especially for gentle femdom

* To travel around the world interacting and domming subservient slaves who genuinely wants to serve Me for who I am as a person

* Having My own mini dungeon/play space in My home city, Singapore. (If you would like to sponsor, feel free to contact Me)

* Continue eating clean and maintaing an active sporty and healthy lifestyle.

* Connect with My exclusive slaves members deeper

Most importantly, while travelling, I would like to meet dommes and the kink community worldwide.

Can't wait to meet all you wonderful ladies and respectful subs! x


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