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My First ASMR Attempt!

*Put on your earpiece and not on speaker* Admire Me from afar, walking on the ground that I step on. Dear you, welcome to My universe. Playing around with My (not so) new microphone gifted by one of My Instagram follower before I flew off from My OZ trip months back as I posted that I wanted to do ASMR. Thank you so much for your contribution! Hope you guys like the audio quality~

Yes, behind the scene. People always wonder who edit my videos or etc etc. I usually take My own pictures/videos but for this, I was spending time with one of My kink community lady here so I get her to video it down for Me.

Generally, I edit all My videos and images so that it is consistent throughout and screams ME

As for the outfits,

My latex garters underneath are bought by accumulating My gift vouchers to My generous supporters and of course many weeks of waiting as it is custom made by Westward Bound.

The translucent dress is with collaboration/commission with Axtrya - www.instagram.com/axtrya_

My lovely stilettos leather boots, of course, sponsored by Sub J and I purchased it while I was in Melbourne.

Will do more soon of such voiceover video in the future if time permits! x