Lost in the City - Part 1

Updated: Apr 6

Next stop - Collingwood. As I step out of the train door, the wind blew past Me sending Me into cold shivers. As I admire the historical looking building right in front of Me, wait a moment - Is that a police station next to the backdoor where there are people dressing up in fetish outfits coming out from?

What is this sorcery?! I know that kink out in the open is legal but I didn't expect it to be this liberal unlike *ahem* home which we've yet a long way to go. To change the perception of the citizen mindset is another new ball game. I've talked about this to painslut Z, he mentioned that drugs is even more open than BDSM in Singapore. I was surprised even though the former carries a death sentence.

Then, there's weed which obviously I'm a suaku (mountain tortoise) when I met Colins and saw bunch of "grass looking thing" on a plate in his apartment after I crash to My vanilla friend's Asian club again in Melbourne (though I was supposed to be in Hellfire the same night). He laughed at Me saying oh you don't know what's that cause you're Singaporean!

Painslut C mentioned during our post-session time together that it is nearly impossible to smoke weed in public homes and private apartments in Singapore as there is this distinct smell. The narcotics (CNB) are able to recognise it and chase after you.

On a side note, I'm glad that we're on the way to fight for freedom and repeal 377A.

Read more here: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/three-court-challenges-to-section-377a-a-summary-of-key-12114196

This Spring trip - unlike any others solo overseas kink trip. I felt like I'm in a crossroads, a battle with Myself, racing against time, weather and cultural difference. We can't deny people still do judge its book by its cover. I know when I'm out there, I am open to making connections but some just shut their doors. That's totally fine cause as mentioned after Penny's workshop - The best memories are with those who only matters to you and care for your presence. Some people aren't as welcoming during events/munches and that's okay. We can't please everyone.

However, I'm glad to meet several familiar faces - Especially plaything P that made My first night joyful when I touched down in the land down under. I was laughing when he dropped an email to Me whether we'll be on the same flight as he's able to invite Me to the airport lounge in Changi. Coincidentally, we're landing in Melbourne on the same morning. Unfortunately, different flights.

We're making jokes over dinner about if we're on the same flight, he will be sitting on My economy seat while I'll be in his business class seat being served wine and champagne, amongst many other things. That will be indeed hilarious!

We had french cuisine for dinner which is pretty hard to find back home and apparently the chicken with broth tastes like Singapore's chicken rice chicken without rice (Confusing description I know)

Don't forget dessert!

Let Me share with you why 'Lost in the City'?

"I am surprised that Singaporeans speaks good English."

That was what I heard from the taxi driver in the middle of our conversation when I was on the way to one of the play party in Melbourne.

Few weeks later, I realised, it is not uncommon after I read several articles about the same encounter when Singaporeans studied abroad. It will be such a failure for us if we can't grasp the basic English from England (Relate to Straits Times Facebook comment lol)

To my dear Singaporeans followers,

Have you ever had such a conversation when you are abroad about the misconception of others have on us?

Never happened to me before but a classic example - Is Singapore part of China?

Perhaps you would like to share your encounters too.

How do you define how a Singaporean look like? We have 4 different races - Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian. However, there are so many interracial marriage in the past decade.

Plus, with the influx of other Asian nationalities - Is our identity getting lost in translation?

When I hop in a Grab ride hail in Jakarta, the drivers automatically talk to Me in Bahasa Indonesia.

During My previous Aussie trip, this young man in school uniform came out to Me in the middle of Bourke Street, "ARE YOU VIETNAMESE?"

I replied with My most Singlish accent -


Another encounter during My this trip - with the housekeeper. I was lazy to get out of the hotel room and decide to chat with her while she cleans up the room. At first, she thought I was a pinay.

Knowing that I could have mistaken by my Nationality, I told her is it because I am tanned?

She said yes!

Despite Singapore's geographically being in a tiny red dot in the middle of the tropics, we successfully place ourselves in the world map. Not just as a sovereign state but our red passport is the key to most places and respected by immigrations.

This time round - when I passed by the police airport borders during the declare or nothing to declare queue, I purposely flash the cover with the declaration form to the officer and I could hear his remarks out loud "Woah" and let Me go without taking a second look.

When random people ask Me "Are you here for work or leisure?" That's a very tricky question when each overseas trip of Mine is now kink-related.

Having the luxury of planning My own schedule even in Singapore, I do that the same too when I am away from home. Partial of My time is dedicated to meet My playthings for sessions and kink friends during events or casual meal.

(I know I'm always taking pictures with food lol)

Despite being a complete novice, plaything A does his research and is so well-mannered. He knows My food preferences too and here W/we are, after play!

My time is precious even more when I travel and I will only channel My attention to those who are worth the effort to connect with.


Another to get lost in the city - My definition of leisure.

I don't go for tourist attractions or follow a tour. I've been to Hong Kong since the past 6 years and I've never step in Disneyland or Ocean Park.

I like to pretend to live in the city and behave like a local. I don't have a fix itinerary - Other than those that are preplanned specially for kink. At times I do have spare moments - So what do I do?

Things I do - Eat like a local, shop like a local and before I head back to My hometown, I went overboard at Coles and Chemist Warehouse because it is much affordable than in Singapore (because everything is imported). I almost exceeded my checked-in luggage limit in My already full luggage with My kink supplies though I do have a rule for Myself to not overpacked and carry more than I can handle especially when I'm travelling alone all the time.

I met wonderful vanilla friends too and some fellow Singaporeans. I was watching JY performing in My friend's vanilla club back in Melbourne and chat with him afterwards. He was like "Heyyyyy cool not judging" when I told him I'm actually here for the OZ Kink Fest. He knows that it will never be a huge thing in Singapore (not for now at least) and I have no choice but to fly over.

Stay tune for part 2 about My adventures in Spring -


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