High Tea for Two

Updated: Apr 6

Spending quality time catching up with My Domme partner, Juliette - The first girl that I kissed when I was 14 in the middle of Orchard Road. Oh yes in public and there was too many stares cause things isn't so liberal back then.

Have you seen Our frisky Double Domme picture with Our latex fanboy friend in the balcony facing the city at night?

I can't believe time fly way too fast. We've grown so much just like how the new iconic Marina Bay Sands (MBS) was never there during Our teenage days.

Many people enter and leave our life but only a handful will stay. It's good to be selective on who you connect with. Some will take advantage because of what you have but always remember your self-worth. Your mental health and physical well-being is much more important and that should be the top priority.

For Me, it's inevitable almost every day, crossing paths with acquaintances I knew from school or certain organisations/events especially when I was quite a prominent figure before this social media frenzy. While some people are happy that you're successful, some will envy but at times, those who are secretly hiding are gleeing when you fall.

Hope that everyone has a fantastic weekend and I'm going to jet off to My next favourite city in Asia - Hong Kong!


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