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Updated: Apr 6

A #throwback to My Christmas kinky party that I hosted last year. Why hire a caterer when I can cook?

✔️ Kale ✔️ Avocado ✔️ Pineapples ✔️ Sweet Potato ✔️ Broccoli ✔️ Carrots ✔️ Cherry Tomato ✔️ Shitake Mushrooms ✔️ Capsicums ✔️ Fussili ✔️ Chicken Breasts ✔️ Prawns ✔️ Honey Baked Ham ✔️ Streaky Bacon ✔️ Chardonnay ✔️ Merlot ✔️ Sparkling Juices

The plan was to buy Xmas gifts only and I ended up buying groceries too for my Xmas Eve Party (yes, I’ll be cooking for my awesome guests).

Since I sabotaged myself, I carried everything all by myself and even the Uber driver thinks I’m out of my mind cause I refuse his help to carry it to my doorstep. (Actually I’m quite used to carry bunch of random things and I’m sure My close friends totally agree with it)

Will post more random stuffs in this section. Sharing about My life. Female domination does not only exist behind closed doors. It is a lifestyle.


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