Bonding with Food

Updated: Apr 6

Me and food can't be separated. I went crazy trying to decide what to eat so I had to take almost every food they offer on the buffet line.

Thanks to My loyal sub Joe for bringing Me out for the afternoon! He was pretty busy with work to play and hence, decided to make up to Me and bring Me out to My choice of My high tea instead. I love bonding with people over food. *tries to avoid talking with mouth full* Went for third and fourth round but too bad he had to leave.

If you've read My twitter lately,

When subs dream about having 24/7 lifestyle or getting owned, most assume it is entirely play all the time. Receiving orders constantly, being humiliated all the time or tortured. Also, one can't expect a Domme to be constantly at her dominant persona like how she play behind closed doors and bring it out to be so serious all the time. We need to snap out of it and be a human too. I want to be Myself too.

Subs are human too and no one is able to tolerate degrading all the time. They have their own life and as a Domme, I truly respect that. In a D/S dynamics, communication is important. Protocols and rules that are set will take place but ultimately, it should not interfere with daily activities and how we perceive each other. I love connecting with subs who truly wish to serve Me and if I feel potential chemistry, I will go ahead. Being pushy doesn't work for Me.

Some may have started the communication and just 'ghost' Me for like weeks/months or never ever get back to Me ever again. It isn't a nice experience for Me either. As what I mentioned, communication is important. If you think that we're not compatible, tell Me why rather than let Me wondering what I have done wrong for you to behave that way. It is alright if it's a simple message, apologising for the lack of communication because you're busy with work or I am not the kind of Mistress that you're seeking for (and why), and appreciate for My time spent with you rather than NOTHING.

To get into My good books, it isn't that hard really. To greet Me or ask if I'm okay and whether I need assistance. Just don't get too clingy because I do need My own space. I do have My own personal life and I may not reply immediately. It is unintentional if I reply at a slower rate. I may have forgotten to reply after reading it but it's always nice to send Me a courtesy message. I do get plenty of messages who are just timewasters so it gets buried.

I love honest opinions and constructive feedback with reasonable suggestions and I can tell that you're hiding something because you're afraid of being truthful and that's not the way I do things.

I don't just talk and command, I cherish to be a listening ear too. I may not have all the answers or solutions to your concerns and problems but sometimes as a human, it feels good to let it all out, trusting someone to keep it.

Outside of play space, I don't want to be treated differently just because I'm a Domme. I keep My serious, no nonsense behaviour during play time but outside, I want to be a friend. That friend who knows your kinks and is not judgemental or disgusted by it. For those who have yet read My past posts, I love communicating with people regardless of your age. Everyone is unique and have a story to tell. Having different interests and I hope that we can share the same topics to talk about together.

Like what Sub Joe said - Attitude outside play space and outside should be different. Even for him as a veteran player, it gets tiring for him to tolerate all the time.

I strive to be a better Domme, everyday, for subs who wishes to serve Me because they trust and accept for who I am and I am thankful for giving Me this opportunity. It doesn't matter how you look like because intelligence and your level of servitude to Me are much important.


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