#AskMistressCaittrin -

Hi mistress, I'm just wondering about how you feel during a session. Do you feel happy in this line of work because of having men serve you or do you feel happy about fulfilling subs fantasy?

// Mistress Caittrin:

I carefully pick whoever sees Me and I make sure that I’m having fun too that matches My fetishes. It goes both ways - The satisfaction of being served the way you want it to be & them to serve someone who they trust.

I just don’t meet anyone that wants their fetish to be fulfilled without caring about Me. That’s not the way I do things and honestly, I won’t need someone who wants to meet Me just to jerk off. 

Subservient slaves are the one that I’m looking for - Meeting Me who they can entrust their submissive self fully without being judged. It is a way of life for them too. To serve My needs before their inner desires being fulfilled. It’s a satisfaction for Me too that they enjoyed the process from the start till the end.

I like communicating with boys/men (since school days) more than females and being a Dominatrix is perfect! :p


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