A Slice of Rin’s Day: Recruits

Updated: Apr 6

It’s been awhile since I send off guys back to camp and so I managed to have a chance to do it with a long time friend of mine that I have not seen in many months. Of course, the pervy me decided to wear something much revealing in the attempt to make the others jealous of how lucky he is.

The moment I saw him, it is my first instinct to jump and koala bear hug him. Heck care of all the stares by all these young boys in their fresh uniforms.

As an “older sister” figure to him, I stayed till he departs for camp while his girlfriend left the moment he falls in. Just felt the need to watch him leave in peace, contented and happy that someone actually cares about him and welfare genuinely. After all, it is an obvious responsibility for me to take care of the little boys who respect me.

It was a half an hour wait and of course me, standing right in the centre of the walkway between two platoons, watching every move they make. Smirking at them if I caught them looking directly at me. I got pretty pissed off especially when it comes to attire check. Why are you giving so many chances of ten seconds and do more than thrice for the period of time?

How I wish I was the one in charge, punishing them to down twenty for each mistake spotted.

Aren’t I lenient? Or perhaps if I spot you stealing glances at me, you shall go to corner time. That includes the recruits and young officers. Of course it isn’t enough to contain all of them cause after all, which young and horny boys can resist seeing bra from an oversized men singlet without wearing any pants, right at their view in public.

The pleasure of hearing them begging for my mercy, “Permission to recover, Mistress!”

Of course, torturing them visually. Too bad for them they are the one who is going to suffer for the week. You can’t self-help yourself in camp remember? Shouldn’t you train yourself and not be swayed by the view of revealing clothes of women?

On a side note, reminds me of why I wanted to sign on if I have nothing better to do in life, just for the fun of it. No matter how much drama and workload in the military, watching these young boys get so excited the moment they see girls as if they’re a unicorn, just makes me feel excited and wanting to spank their asses for being such a loser.


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