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International Singaporean Dominatrix | BDSM Lifestyle Mistress
Sunkissed Asian - Petite Renaissance Muse


Dear plaything-to-be,

Welcome to this realm of erotic power exchange. A discerning plaything like you seek for your mind to be liberated. To serve a modern-day Renaissance Lady with an alternative lifestyle. Dominance to Me is not role play, it’s ingrained in My personality.

I am Caittrin Lee and currently in My late 20s. Born and raised in Asia’s cosmopolitan city, Singapore, being well-read, multi-talented and a visionary leader is much valuable in this ever-changing global world of O/ours.

An avid jet-setter and culturally-acute with well-developed palate, My kink travel brings Me to Hong Kong, Melbourne and beyond. Allowing Me to connect with other BDSM communities, Dominatrices and attend kink workshops to upgrade Myself for the better.


Admire My sunkissed olive skin with no tattoo or enhancement. Again and again, be mesmerised by My alluring natural deep double eyelids gazing at you with sweet deceiving smile.

Worshipping My divine pair of UK 3 high arch feet if you've earned My trust. Being petite and barely 5 feet tall, more reason for you to be kneeling or crawling in My presence.

From a mixed Asian descent (Indonesian-Chinese-Vietnamese), do note that I do not have East Asian facial features. I value cybersecurity and hence I do not reveal My full face over in cyberspace.
Previously featured in Domme Addiction (Global), Fetish Matters (Germany), Talking Matriarchy (Romania) & more.


I seek to be served and worshipped by playthings worldwide that are polite with proper mannerism, regardless of whether you are an experienced player or a novice who have yet to serve your first Domme.

My kink interests differ from day to day depending on what I am in the mood as long it doesn't cross O/our boundaries. My forte lies in tantra & semenewa (predicament) bondage and had spent hours in rope education within the kink community worldwide. If you’re a novice, I’ll be glad to guide you as long as you’re willing to learn the right way to serve a Lady.

Strictly no intercourse, intimacy, rimming, sexual activities that ends with a 'job' and kinks that involves blood, needle, hardsports, children, animals and ABDL.

I play by the BDSM rule of Safe, Sane and Consensual + Risk Aware Consensual Kink. No marks will be on you unless you allow. Always remember, I take no as an answer. Respect and trust go both ways.


Every rendezvous is curated and each encounter is unique. If you believe W/we have potential chemistry, I look forward to your genuine servitude. Discretion, hygiene and privacy are paramount.

English is My native language and it is My preferred language of communication. I detest the word 'Client' as I'm not providing a service. I offer selected individuals the opportunity to serve a Lady.

Once you’re ready, I would like you to introduce yourself via Email:
( ).

Properly introduced and polite email will be responded within 48 hours. Kindly check your spam folder in case the virtual pigeon got lost.

Speak to you soon,
Caittrin L.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Travels are halted due to the current pandemic and will resume until further notice. Kindly subscribe to My mailing list for future updates.


I can also be found on My social media: Twitter, Instagram, AVN Stars & verified directory platforms such as Tryst, Mistress Advisor & The London Mistress.

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