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Satisfy My Hunger


My forté lies in tantra bondage and I crave for service submission and intelligent obedience. I derive pleasure from teasing what you desire. 


The following below are activities that I truly enjoy (not in order) and if certain of your kinks align with Mine, I look forward to your servitude.

This page also serves as a guide for novices who are unsure what does all these jargon means. You don't need to be interested in everything to be a good slave.


Orgasm Control / Tease & Denial


Oh, My favourite - Erotic sexual denial. How far will you go to entertain for My pleasure? Let Me milk you, edge you and make you beg for My mercy. I will make the final decision - For you to cum, or not....


Chastity Training


It's all about controlling your urges and perseverance. I adore the thoughts of you getting the turn on and restricted with your hard-on but couldn't do anything to relieve yourself. Keyholding is available upon request.


Service Submission


An ideal slave knows My preferences or able to preempt what I need without explicit instructions. Maintaining My belongings and it is also your duty to ensure I look My best at all times.



Slave / Obedience Training


Mannerism and etiqeutte. How you speak and the way you behave plays an important role. Obedience and gorean slavery, taming you to be a better slave. Disciplining you if you're incompetent - To encourage compliance.


Restraints / Bondage


My forté lies in tantra bondage. Each and every move I make heighten your senses. Will you be able to accomplish My tasks in a predicament position? I enjoy playing with jute ropes and metal chains.



Nipple / Cock & Ball Torture


Pain does not have to be extreme. Let's begin with a flick of My finger on your sensitive spot. Or running through My sharp finger nails and clawing your balls. If having marks is your limit, inform Me in advance.


Worship / Fetish


Do you love heels, nylon stockings or fetish gears? Or are you a feet lover? I'm known for My high arch feet, sensitive and best of all - Tiny enough to fill it all in your mouth. Show Me how devoted you are to worship a Goddess.




Feeling so embarrassed being naked in front of a clothed female? Or your tiny dick keeps Me entertained? Admiring My beauty, so near yet so far but you know that I'm unattainable.



Anal Play / Training


Prepare yourself to get controlled or pegged by Me after enema cleansing.  From a small butt plug and gradually to a dildo and My fist. Pleasure & reaching to the point of euphoria through your prostate. I want to hear genuine moans from you and that makes Me even wetter.



Breath / Sensory Play


How will you react if I take away or over-stimulate your five senses, one by one. Or wishing that I can lay My cute perky ass on your face - How  long can you hold your breath for? Do you think you can handle the candle wax or tickling your weak spots?


Impact Play / Corporal Punishments


Oh you pain sluts. I love the old school over the knee spanking as much as intense impact play. Share with Me know your type of pain - Sting or thud. If having marks isn't your limit, do you desire receive the traditional Asian rattan - judicial caning from Me?



Role / Fantasy Play


Wishing to be dominated by your ladyboss, classmate, military prison officer or have scenes in your mind for ages? Here's your chance - I enjoy creating the scene and dressing up in costumes. However, I don't accept scripts.


Pet Play


I'm a 24/7 lifestyle human pet owner. Channel your inner primal into play and entertain Me with your animal tricks. What animal are you? A horny cat? Affectionate dog? Or a pony that I can ride on your back?




Let's top it off with spitting on you, you worthless slut. Only those who are well-behaved will get My golden nectar. I watch My daily diet and keep Myself hydrated. If you're looking for stinky yellowish pee, I am not the one for you. Or would you like to lick off My sweat after I work out? 





Feminisation / Sissyfication


Let Me guide you the right way to behave ladylike, walk in heels, dressing up and more. Be spoilt for choices with the sissy wardrobe that I own (or you can bring yours too). Are you the demure cute girl or a sexy slut?

Human Furniture


If behaving like a slave and talking isn't your thing, be My foot stool, book shelf or even My standing lamp and much more. I'll make you useful to Me. Will you be My foot stool while I'm having My meal?




When one isn't enough. Available upon request with advance notice. Meet My Domme friends. Co-domination choices depends on where I am, who are the local Mistresses available or travelling dommes and their availability. Tribute rates differs from each Mistress that I'm co-dominating with.




As a lifestyle player and a kink educator, I am  happy to be the other leg regardless whether you're knew to this D/s dynamics seeking to learn as a couple or you're a male Dom searching for a Domme for your female submissive while you voyeur steamy girl on girl action. The combination is endless!


Discretion, Safety & Hygiene


I play by the BDSM rule of Safe, Sane and Consensual + Risk Aware Consensual Kink.


No marks will be on you unless you allow. Always remember, I take no as an answer. Respect and trust go both ways.


For unlisted kinks, kindly enquire within but the final decision of acceptance is by Me.

Strictly hard limits are -
Scripts, Adult Baby Diaper Play, Permanent Body Modification, Children/Animals, Rimming, Roman/Brown Showers, Blood/Knife/Needle Play, Smoking, Drugs or anything illegal, Wrestling/Scissoring, Switching as well as oral and sexual intercourse.


Are you ready to serve Me?


Do your interests align with Mine? Or are you inspired by My way of life? If you believe W/we have potential chemistry, I look forward to your servitude.


Most of My time is spent in My cosmopolitan hometown in Asia, Singapore. If you're fortunate enough, you will have the chance to serve Me at My convenience when I'm visiting your city.