Mistress Caittrin is an Internationally renowned Dominatrix who is living the Femdom lifestyle with devoted playthings from Singapore, Hong Kong, Melbourne and beyond. She is interested in meeting individuals who seek for longer term connections.
She has been featured in Domme Addiction, Fetish Matters, Singapore’s NTUniversity Journalism Publication and more. Mistress Caittrin also gives back to the kink community as a moderator and BDSM educator.
Searching for the navigation bar? Some things in life requires patience. Leave the world behind you and cherish the time with Me.

Dear plaything-to-be,

Welcome to My universe. A discerning plaything like you seek for your mind to be liberated. Dominance to Me is not a roleplay, it's ingrained in My personality.


I do not provide a service. I offer you the opportunity to serve a modern-day Renaissance Lady with an alternative lifestyle.

If you are looking for a service-based Domme to dominate you and fulfill your temporary kink fix or reenact that Femdom fantasy you watch from p*rngraphy, I am not the Lady for you. My methods are entirely different than an average fetish provider. This is not a quick money making job for Me.



I value genuine power exchange and long-term D/s relationship connection. Being worshiped by playthings who appreciate for who I am - Both in vanilla and kink. Quality over quantity, always.

Despite identifying Myself as a Domme, I believe it does not entitle Me to be imperious at all times. you will admire Me even more with My vivacious self outside out of My play headspace.

An accomplished well-read and multi-talented young Lady who leads organisations. Naturally, even men in the civillan world worship My presence. I thrive through connecting with selective intellectual individuals from all walks of life, travelling, philanthropy works and indulging in self-betterment (with low tea).


My Philosophy:

Inclusive yet decisive,

Intuitive yet rational,

Nurturing yet assertive &

Driven yet fair


Admire My petite stature and sunkissed olive skin with no tattoo or enhancement. Again and again, be mesmerised by My alluring natural deep double eyelids gazing at you with My sweet deceiving smile. Worshipping My divine UK 3 high arch feet if you've earned My trust. I adore dressing up

From an Austronesian descent, do note that I do not have an East Asian facial features. I value cybersecurity and your privacy. Hence, I do not reveal My face over in cyberspace.

I've been indulging in kink privately for over a decade before I decided to share My universe to the world. My kink interests differ from day to day depending on what I am in the mood as long it doesn't cross O/our hard limits.

I look forward to your genuine servitude, regardless of your experience level, and let’s see where O/our journey takes us to. I welcome all genders and sexuality.



However, My time and energy is precious and will only direct My attention to plaything-to-be that is worth to build a connection with - Emotional, spiritual and physical level. Guiding you, slowly and firmly but never micromanage.


Are you a novice to BDSM or first time to serve a Domme? I strongly encourage you to read My guide on Femdom fundamentals.

If you care to impress your sapiophile Mistress, you may consider to do your homework by reading My public diary or learn more about My universe.



Once you're ready, you may begin your first connection with Me. I will need to know who I will be meeting with beforehand and to assess whether O/our chemistry and compatibility match before I allow you to serve Me and play in real-time.

Speak to you soon,
Caittrin Lee
(your Mistress-to-be)