Dear you,

Welcome to My universe.

My name is Caittrin Lee.

My satisfaction derives from your genuine servitude regardless of your experience level. 

I adore the intellectual connection between U/us and your ongoing devotion for Me.


Cybersecurity, discretion, consent, hygiene and safety are paramount. Pain or leaving marks is not compulsory, it's a choice.

If I can't protect My own identity, boundaries and health, how am I able to protect yours?

"When I first met you in real life, You're surprisingly humble, friendly and someone that I'm comfortable to share my thoughts and fears. I am thankful for the extraordinaire amount of patience You have during play even though it is my first time and making so many mistakes."

- Newbie Keagan

A discerning plaything like you seek for your mind to be liberated. To serve an alpha feminine muse with an alternative lifestyle.

Beyond the salmon-pink newspaper lies a poised Lady. Be mesmerised by a petite figure with alluring natural deep double eyelids, sweet smile and sunkissed olive skin with no tattoos or enhancements.

To Me, dominance isn't a roleplay. It's ingrained in My personality. My definition of empowerment does not only derived from kinky domination.


Being well-read, multi-talented & leadership presence are invaluable assets that I acquire to live in this ever-changing global world of O/ours.



A lifestyle kink player for more than a decade before I decided to share My universe to the world as an International Professional Dominatrix and BDSM Community Educator.

Previously featured in Domme Addiction Global Interview and Singapore's NTUniversity Journalism- Sex in the City.

After W/we get acquainted, co-domination with My other fellow Dominatrices will be available and perhaps, using My sub girl on you to satisfy Me.

I often post My Femdom musings in My virtual diary and various social platforms such as -


Instagram   |   Twitter   |   Youtube  |  Fetlife

Previously featured -

Domme Addiction Interview

Apart from Domming, My spare time is spent interacting with other kinky people during events and munches, sharing knowledge and experiences. I believe that identifying Myself as a Domme does not entitle Me to be imperious at all times especially in a social setting.



Once you are ready, confess and confide your unspoken inner desires with Me.


I look forward to learning more about you and yet respecting your limits.


My time is precious and I will only direct My attention to plaything-to-be that is worth to build a connection with.


If your application is incomplete or disrespectful, I will assume you're a timewaster and will not respond.