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With Internationally-known Singaporean Dominatrix Caittrin

Have you always wanted to serve an alpha feminine muse with an alternative lifestyle but


- you're afraid and shy to take the first step to serve Her in real life?

- you're miles away from where She is?

- you're seeking to connect your inner mind with Her for solace while in isolation?

Before W/we begin,

Ask yourself — Are you serving yourself solely for your satisfaction by using Women as a tool or are you genuinely offering your submission to a Lady?

If your answer is the latter, I welcome you to join My distance training and it's live.

Imagine O/our first live distance training as a D/s date

I adore the intellectual connection between U/us and your ongoing devotion for Me. Most importantly, to be able to have an honest and meaningful conversation with Me. After all, communication in a Dominant/submissive (D/s) dynamics is crucial.


Guiding you, slowly and firmly but never micromanage. I look forward to your servitude and let’s see where O/our journey takes us to.

I welcome novices if you are willing to learn the right way to worship a Goddess. Unfortunately, I do not take commands from you and will not accept those who top from the bottom.


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Let's begin your first live distance training.

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