Physical touch seems impossible at the moment.



Don't let the human connection fade away while W/we live in isolation.

Caittrin x Singapore Skyline


Inclusive yet decisive

Intuitive yet rational

Nurturing yet assertive

Driven yet fair

Allow Me to guide you, slowly and firmly but never micromanage.


I adore the intellectual, emotional and spiritual connection between U/us.

A discerning plaything like you seek for your mind to be liberated. To serve an alpha feminine muse with an alternative lifestyle.

To Me, Dominance isn't a roleplay. It's ingrained in My personality.


My name is Caittrin Lee. Born and raised in Asia, Singapore with Chinese-Malay descent.


An International Professional Dominatrix, Lifestyle Domme and Kink Educator. Previously featured in Domme Addiction.

I look forward to your ongoing devotion and genuine servitude.


Let’s see where O/our journey takes us to and hopefully, W/we will be in touch physically.


Let's begin your first live distance training.


Dream to be part of My Universe?

Dive deeper into My lifestyle

your servitude for Me is not a sprint, it's a marathon

Earn your way up, show your devotion and gain My attention

Let Me welcome you into My virtual stable. Begin your journey here.

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