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I crave for service submission, genuine power exchange & D/S dynamics. Explore the path to be a worthy slave or sissy, training you the right way to serve Me.

[ Slave & Sissy Training ]


How well-trained are you as a slave or a sissy? Do you know the protocols while waiting subserviently for Me?


This applies in all of My session play with you. I crave for genuine, consensual power exchange - In short, Dominant Submissive (D/S) dynamics.

All of your requests should be known to Me through our email or virtual communications. When the session play begins, I will take charge of everything such as the way you behave and the way you talk. Your goal is to please Me and serve My needs. How you behave will determine whether you'll be rewarded or disciplined - To encourage compliance.

Your punishments will be decided by Me, as long it is within your fetishes. All soft and hard limits should be put across to Me before the play session commence. Not to worry, I will brief you on our safe word before we begin if you decide to use it.

An additional training for sissy slaves, have you hone feminine etiquette?

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 [ Service ]

An ideal slave knows a Mistress (aka Me) inside out at the palm of his hands. Without the need for explicit instructions, he knows what are My preferences when getting a meal for Me, or knows the outcome of My outfit. You will get to assist in My daily dressing - Putting on My boots for Me, zipping up My latex or garter hooks at places where I can't reach. It is your duty to upkeep how proper I look. Ensuring I look My best at all times.

Let me guide you the right path to be a worthy slave or sissy - Training you the right way to serve a Goddess.

Are you ready for slave training?

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[ Military Training ]

If conscription isn't enough, let's take it to the next level with an element of kinkiness into play with Me.

Are you a fit slave? How many sit ups can you do?

Or can you do push ups while I sit on your back?

Your uniforms and towels are not folded, up to My expectations.

Can't meet My requirements? Prepare your ass and get ready to be caned by Me.

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What other kinks do we have in common?  |  Are you ready to Serve Me?