Dear you,

Welcome to My universe.

Caittrin Lee


Sunkissed Asian - Petite Sensual Disciplinarian

International Professional Dominatrix

BDSM Community Educator


Based in Asia, Singapore  |  Tour Worldwide (Hong Kong, Australia, Europe & beyond)


Featured in Domme Addiction  |  Singapore's NTU Journalism - Sex in the City

Dominance isn't a pretence. It's ingrained in

My personality.

For Me, excelling in education, sports and arts isn't enough. Being well-read, multi-talented and a visionary leader is much valuable in this ever-changing global world of O/ours.

Be mesmerised by My alluring natural deep double eyelids, sweet deceiving smile and olive skin with no tattoos or enhancements. Most importantly, do not be fooled by My petite stature and demure appearance.

Despite identifying Myself as a Domme, I believe it does not entitle Me to be imperious at all times. you will admire Me even more with My vivacious self outside out of My play headspace.


Partial of My free time is spent watching documentaries, reading non-fiction books, volunteering and indulging in afternoon high-tea.

Every Rendezvous is Unique.

A discerning plaything like you seek a sweet escape - To serve an alpha feminine muse with an alternative lifestyle. I adore the intellectual connection between U/us, indulging in O/our kinks and yet able to have a conversation about global affairs after. 


Pain or leaving marks is not compulsory, it's a choice.  Discretion is paramount and I am good to prepare an NDA for high profile playthings. I welcome both novices and experienced playthings into My universe.

your genuine servitude is My satisfaction

My satisfaction derives from your genuine servitude - where boundaries, safety and consent are respected. My off-limits include sexual intimacy, scripts, anything illegal/drugs, brown/roman showers, blood, needles and permanent body modifications.

I want to be proud of you. I look forward to learning more about you and yet respecting your limits. Will you be able to achieve the tasks given? The idea of you giving yourself to Me completely fills Me with joy.


Being able to shape you to be the best you can be is a wonderful notion. I appreciate you for trying and hope that one day, you’ll be moulded into something useful to Me.

Speak to you soon,

Caittrin Lee

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Most of My time is spent in My hometown - Singapore. I'm available for a social date to show you around this sunny little island.

I travel to meet the community, Dominatrices and of course, if you're lucky, you'll get to serve Me at My convenience in your city.


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