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International Featured Interview Snippet by Domme Addiction

Question: It was such a pleasure to be in your presence Mistress. If I may ask one final question before crawling away and apologizing for keeping you up so late, I would ask you how this interview might end if I were to be kneeling in person before you, spellbound by your beauty and dominance.

Caittrin: Holding up your chin, lifting it up as I gaze into your eyes. Slowly stroking your head – I hope to be able to meet you again soon, perhaps for tea or a meal. I appreciate your time together with Me. Thank you slave boy.

I am known as Caittrin

Allow yourself to be led by an alpha feminine figure with grace, patience and intelligence - where boundaries, discretion, safety and consent are respected.

Join Me - As a seasoned player or yet to serve your first Dominatrix. Every rendezvous is unique but most importantly, O/our connection and able to hold a conversation together matters.

A Globetrotting Domme

An International Dominatrix, lifestyle player and BDSM community educator. I often post My thoughts in My virtual diary.

Born and raised in Asia's cosmopolitan city, Singapore - My definition of empowerment does not only derived from kinky domination.


Being well-read, multi-talented and the capability to lead organisations is valuable in this ever-changing global world of O/ours.

Sunkissed Petite Asian

Blessed with olive skin from My mixed Austronesian descent, be aware I do not have the typical East Asian look.


Be mesmerised by My alluring natural deep double eyelids and sweet deceiving smile when I hear you moan. Do not be fooled by My petite stature.

A Sensual Disciplinarian

Let Me guide you into this erotic power exchange where I will tease you with what you desire, for My pleasure. My forté lies in tantra bondage.


Sensual, gentle domination when you behave and ruthless if your behaviour needs correction. Nurturing you to be a better you.

O/our Rendezvous

Most of My time is spent in My hometown - Singapore. If you're lucky, you'll get to serve Me at My convenience in your city during My kink travels.


If you believe O/our chemistry aligns, I look forward to your servitude.


Speak to you soon,

(Your Mistress-to-be) 

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