Welcome slave-To-Be,

Don't be too eager to find the page navigation tabs.


Before W/we explore the journey of your submission to Me. Let’s begin with an introduction -


I am Mistress Caittrin.

Allow yourself to confide your deepest fantasies with Me where your inner desires are truly respected. Trust and fully submit yourself to Me and I'll ensure your safety - Physically and emotionally throughout the time when you're with Me.


Embrace your submissive self.

Indulge in My Femdom Lifestyle

Born and raised in Asia's metropolitan city of banned chewing gums. For Me, to be empowered does not only derived from kinky domination. Being book smart, well-read and multi-talented is valuable in this ever-changing global world of ours. I keep self-awareness, influential leadership and effective time management very close to My heart.

How do I look like? Petite in everyone’s eyes. Yes, that height difference and body build - Leaves you oh so mindfucked. A mixed Asian heritage explains My gorgeous olive skin. My alluring eyes with natural deep double lids will put you in your place if I decide to stare right through you. My sweet smile is indeed very deceiving. You can’t help but to be mesmerised by My beauty, but as a slave, you know you’re not supposed to. Always keep your head low.

Mistress Caittrin | Latex | Fetish | Kink | Fishnets | Lace | Leather

My Main Kink Interests lie in Total Power Exchange & Obedience Training (Slave / Pet / Sissy),

YOU, in a predicament bondage while I tease and deny you from reaching to the point of climax or getting what you crave for, leaving you in euphoria.

It does not matter if you are an experienced player or a novice who have yet to serve your first Mistress. Explore your kinky desires with Me and I am excited to see what new adventures await for the both of us!

Sensual and gentle domination when you behave and ruthless if your behaviour needs correcting.

- - - - - - - - - -


I frequently connect with My kinky friends worldwide during munches & parties. I also lead a non-profit kink community and organise workshops for the newbies. My vanilla time consists of rescuing animals, watching documentaries and more. I'm an open book. I often pen down My musings in My blog.