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Hong Kong, Jakarta, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Zurich


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About Me

Welcome Slave-To-Be,


Before we explore the journey of your submission to Me, you should know who you are communicating with. Let’s begin with an introduction - I am Mistress Caittrin. In a public vanilla setting, you should be addressing Me as Miss Rin.

Born and raised in a tropical island called Singapore, a cosmopolitan city in Asia with a conservative society. Groomed by one of the best education system in the world, I am not only book-smart but also revel in holistic learning. Most of My time is spent in Asia - Singapore, My hometown. I occasionally travel around the world and My favourite cities includes Hong Kong, Sydney and Melbourne.


Apart from domming, My spare time is spent interacting with other kinky people during events and munches, sharing knowledge and experiences. On a vanilla front, rescuing animals who can't help themselves. I adore wholesome food, reading non-fiction books, watching documentaries and indulge in savoury high tea on weekdays.



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How do I look like?

In My mid-20s but petite in everyone’s eyes. Yes, that height difference and body build - Leaves you oh so mindfucked. A mixed Asian heritage explains My gorgeous olive skin. My alluring eyes with natural deep double lids will put you in your place if I decide to stare right through you. My sweet smile is indeed very deceiving. You can’t help but be mesmerised by My beauty, but as a slave, you know you’re not supposed to. Always keep your head low.

I seek to meet Submissive Slaves all over the world who are subservient, intriguing, yet discreet and genuine. It does not matter if you are a novice who would like to try out or a veteran player for years. I will mould you into My kind of worthy Submissive Slave, in this Power Exchange - If you are willing to fully open your mind and soul to Me.

For those who are shy to meet Me, do not have the luxury of time or miles away from where I am, I welcome you to join in My slave exclusives where you will be closer to Me, gaining My attention. Remember to connect with Me globally through My website and Twitter!


(Your Mistress-To-Be)

ps. Couples who would like to spice up their life are welcome too.

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Learn more about My kinks and what you can do to satisfy My hunger.

Good things in life requires care, maintenance and knowledge. Life isn’t filled with only materialistic goods. Pick your choice to invest in My way of life.