Pleased that you've taken your first foray to know more about Me. Allow Me to invite you to enter My universe where the boundaries of what is "normal" are transcended.


My ultimate goal for this experience with Me, and those who come here in search of it, self-discovery or healing through BDSM will be a path towards enlightenment like no other has seen before...


Confide in Me without fear of judgement. Boundaries will always be respected. Safety, hygiene and discretion are paramount. Pain and leaving marks are never mandatory - it's a choice.


Embark on a journey. Novices are always welcome! Let Me guide each step as W/we explore what it means to be in My universe.

Speak to you soon,

Caittrin Lee
Singapore Dominatrix



The days I spent trying to fit into this society's definition of what it means for a woman are over. During My adolescent years, people noticed how different I was from the other girls who are typically... soft-spoken.

I dipped My toes into the world of FemDom unintentionally over a decade ago. It wasn't until I realised that what seemed normal to Me was actually kinks and fetishes through down the rabbit hole internet, which made it all so much more interesting.

After exploring the BDSM lifestyle and Female Led Relationships (FLR) privately, I decided to challenge Myself by learning how much more there is out in this world of Professional Dominatrices.


Those who would love to serve Me for all that I am but are unable due to personal commitments such as work or family life—this way W/we can still connect with one another on a whole new level even if you're not able to have 24/7 devotion towards Me like some might desire from their Goddess!



Admire My sunkissed olive skin with no tattoo or enhancement. Again and again, be mesmerised by My alluring natural deep double eyelids gazing at you with a sweet deceiving smile.


Worshipping My divine EU35 high arch feet if you've earned My trust. Being petite and barely 5 feet tall, more reason for you to be kneeling or crawling in My presence. My mixed Asian descent does not always assume I have an East Asian facial feature.


I'm on a constant adventure: Exploring other cities such as Melbourne, Berlin and Toronto to name a few. I thrive on travelling and meeting other consenting adults who enjoy kink as much as I do through conventions, workshops, play parties and of course, being served personally by admirers like you.


My time is also devoted as an educator and moderator for My hometown - Singapore's BDSM community. I write about Kink and Female Domination (FemDom) on My public social media platforms - Twitter & Instagram and virtual Femdom diary & training on Caittrin's Universe.


A Kink-Allied Therapist: A certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Hypnosis practitioner accredited by The American Board of NLP-Hypnotherapy and practices Time Line Therapy™,

Previously featured in Domme Addiction (Global), Fetish Matters (Germany), NTUniversity Journalism Publication (Singapore) & more.




Do note that I rarely publish My incall dates publicly as it's your chance to get in touch with Me personally if you wish to serve. I'm based in Asia, Singapore City on days that I'm not on tour.


Let Me know your schedule & I'll see if it matches with Mine for a servitude play session together. Advance reservation is required so I can plan O/our rendezvous.


Australia - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth

United States - Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco


Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur


Greece - Athens

Germany - Frankfurt, Berlin


Switzerland - Geneva, Zürich

Germany - Köln, München


Germany - Berlin, München

United Kingdom - London


United Kingdom - London

Australia - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth


United States - Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, New Orleans, Seattle


Hong Kong Island



If you want a chance to spend time in My presence, please fill out this application form below. Investment tribute rates will be advised upon O/our correspondence via email. (Remember to check your junk inbox)


I only interact with those who display the proper level of respect. I welcome both novices & experienced submissives or fetishists and of course, couples. Let's see where O/our journey takes U/s to...

Kindly introduce yourself. It's perfectly fine if you don't have all the answers to your kinks and limits because after all, you're here for a journey of self-discovery.

Only polite requests will be responded within 48 hours. Kindly check your junk mail in case the pigeon got lost.



“  Caittrin is the definition of alternative fashionista. She invested a lot not just in toys and equipment but also in her wardrobe. From boots to lingerie and latex to leather, she pulls off elegantly in anything she wears. Her style of dressing is unique and that's what makes her special. ”

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At times, you are tired to keep up with your powerful presence in your daily life. Deep inside, you are aching to relinquish your facade and let Her take over your decisions. Begin your chance to devote to International Singaporean Mistress Caittrin Lee. Seek a different satisfaction in your life with the guidance a well-read, poised and petite sunkissed Asian Dominatrix from Asia's cosmopolitan city, Singapore. Femdom online presence includes Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube. Subscribe to exclusive members-only platform - AVN Stars.

Are you a submissive man inside that is forced to put on a facade and lead due to your personal family life or career? Executive Coach - No matter your position is in the corporate world, LinkedIn, - Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Finance Officer (CFO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Information Office (CIO) a director or manager in a department. No longer you will be lonely at the top under sophisticated & beautiful high arch feet of a Modern-Day Renaissance Muse's alternative universe. Featured in Domme Addiction.

Bondage Discipline Sado-Masochism (BDSM) philosophy of Safe, Sane, Consensual (SSC) and Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK) applies at all times. Discretion, safety and hygiene are paramount. Caittrin is an independent Professional BDSM Mistress and can be found in Open Adult Directory - Mistress Advisor. Caittrin Lee can be found Hogspy jet setting in FemDomme Fly-Me-to-you (FMTY) Tryst rendezvous with established playthings worldwide.

Alternatively, Mistress Caittrin can be seen touring in cities while having escapade to fetish events and kink conventions. Dominatrix Asia - Hong Kong, Tokyo, Jakarta. A part of BDSM community in Australia attending social munches, shibari workshops and play parties in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney during Spring and Autumn season.

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